Sunday, May 6, 2007

Gerty Molzen - Walk On The Wild Side

Gerty Molzen (1906 - 1990) was a German actress who experienced several different careers in her lifetime.

Her opera and classical singing were put on hold by WWII, by its end she was a cabaret singer. In 1962 she began her film career; among her acting credits were Wim Wenders' 'The American Friend' in 1977. Somewhere along the way she authored several humorous books, as well.

Beginning in 1984, Gerty achieved international fame with her vocal interpretations of various contemporary pop songs, most notably her cover version of this Lou Reed signature tune. She was 79.

Her final film role was in 1989, in a segment of Gábor Altorjay's 'Polsprung'. She injects an odd bit of humor into a deathbed scene in which she covers James Brown's 'It's A Man's Man's Man's World'.

- - You can view a RealPlayer-compatible clip of this scene here. Scroll half-way down the page to where you'll see "Gerty Molzen sings This is a man´s world in Poleshift (City life episode)". - -

More on Molzen:
Her homepage (in German)
Her bio translated into broken english from a German wikipedia page.

Listen to: Gerty Molzen - Walk On The Wild Side (click for audio)


Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Bob said...

Wow. Thanks!
I'll never forget when she sang "Walk on the Wild Side" on Late Night with David Letterman.

Anonymous said...

amazing;;;;;;do you have anymore recordings by gerty?

The In Crowd said...

Hey John, sorry, no, but I wish I did.

Anybody else care to share?

Viking Ventures said...

Gerty Molzen was the last living ancestor of the Molzen family in Germany - Inga Molzen in South Africa

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