Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cosmoboy & Goat Coat: Two Pierre Cardin jackets from 1967 (Yikes)

Functional(?) flights-of-fancy from Pierre Cardin, as featured in the August 1967 issue of Cavalier magazine.

(below) "...The Cosmoboy, a red reversible whipcord vest jacket, priced at $250 at the Cardin Masculine Collection in Bonwit Tellers, New York, New York. The designer successfully incorporates the new Space Age trim, slim look and the practical no-nonsense quality of the actual space suit."

(ADDENDUM 6/17/07) This post appears to have recieved some nice attention lately.

Circling links back around on themselves, CHECK OUT the similarity of the Cosmoboy design to the Captain Scarlet uniform, from just around the same time.
(Via the Boing Boing link to this item, and a BB reader's comment.)


Craig D said...

The Shaggy Goat Coat?!?!?!?


Y'know, I'm starting to think the sixties weren't as cool as I remember them.

Anonymous said...

good gracious! I have got to get a shaggy goat coat. It would go so well wiyh my nutria hat.

Gavin Elster said...

Cosmoboy!!!! Damnit. This picture made me piss myself! Damn you learning to share!

Anonymous said...

that's only 3600 for the goat coat and 1500 for the space vest in today''s dollars.

Lawrence "Lars" Snelly said...

Wow, hideous on SO many levels. "Space age trim? What is that exactly?

Greg said...

Gah, I love the style of both of those jackets. Totally hot. Those zipper pulls are the best!

@lars - trim = not fat or muscular, spare, skinny. The jacket is supposed to have a tubular look, as opposed to a pear or wedge look.

Anonymous said...

Captain Scarlet!

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