Saturday, June 23, 2007

Humans - I Live In The City (1980)

This song appeared on a 1980 gatefold 4-song ep released jointly by the City Records label and I.R.S.

It was probably the closest the band Humans came to having a 'hit'.

The band was based out of Santa Cruz, California - - the live tracks that were on the B-side of the record were recorded there, at the renowned Catalyst nightclub.

Performing as a unit from the late '70's to late '80's, Humans was a new-wave band with with surf overtones, a connection they came by honestly.

The two leads and the bass player had all been with one of the premier Southern California surf bands back in the early 1960's, Eddie And The Showmen.

Humans line-up:

Sterling Storm - Lead Vocals, Guitar
John Anderson - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Eric Gies - Bass, Vocals
Jerome Deupree - Drums

Additional Musicians: David Larstein - Keyboards, & Lee Stewart - Keyboards

- - From their 1980 7" ep 'Play', listen to: Humans - I Live In The City (click for audio)


Anonymous said...

I LOVED this EP. It has the edge that the polished pop never did or does. Raw Energy. What memories.

Anonymous said...

i love the internet!!! i have this song on IRS Greatest Hits vol 2&3. really wanted a digital version! so thank you and long live punk rock!

Steven Harris said...

Just a quickie...thanks for posting "I Live In The City"...Saw a lot of the Humans shows in SC in the late 70s, at High Country, the Catalyst, a Halloween show at the Boardwalk (insane!) and a sweaty house party (very insane...) One of my favorite songs ever! Thanks again!!

MuskleBear said...


I have been looking for this forever! I remember the Humans as being played on a Bay Area show called Videowest circa 1979/1980 or so...I always loved this song, and it goes with the Jags "Back of my Hand" and a few others that are just part of formative music years. WOOF!

Totally rocking out now.
But I feel old...where'd I leave my skinny ties?

Anonymous said...

I know Sterling and he's still as cool as ever. but even more.

Anonymous said...

I also had this on the IRS vinyl compilation. On of my favorite songs of one of my favorite albums. I DID have a guy make a digital version several years ago in LA (I had some vinyl only Sugarplastic releases he wanted so I made him digitize a couple of my favorites as payment). I wish to god I'd put them on my computer then as the cd was stolen not too long after I sold off all my vinyl. Now to track down the other 23 songs on that album.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I had the good fortune to meet John... He came by my DJ night in San Francisco. It was at the Arrow Bar on 6th, a weird location to say the least.

It was great to hang out with him, I don't think he would have even introduced himself if I didn't lead into the last half of my set with "I Live in the City" which, by the way FUCKING ROCKS! Staples like these got the night noticed and was the front cover of the Guardians music section in I think 2004? Article "The Listening Party" DJs Night Club Dwight (RIP) and The Eye-Patch Guy...

ANyhow, while it may be a 1 hit wonder, it always got the kids dancing for me. Thanks Humans!!! Rock!

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