Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beatsploitation in Kookie #2 (Dell Comics 1962)

So after I dug out my copies of the comic book 'Kookie', I set about assembling this post and once again discovered that others had already done most of my work for me.

Published by Dell Comics, 'Kookie' ran for all of two issues, one came out in 1961 and one in 1962.

It was one of many examples of the then-prevalent trend of co-opting the Beat movement into the mainsteam via wacky beatnik characters.

Cover, Kookie #2, May-July 1961 ➔

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Kookie herself was a square, naive and pretty waitress working at a Bohemian coffee house.

You can see comics artist / enthusiast / champion Fred Hembeck's take on Kookie at this link: The Fred Hembeck Show, episode 42: A Kookie New Year, from 1/3/06

'Kookie' was created by the beloved John Stanley, of Little Lulu comics fame, in collaboration with artist Bill Williams. In typical Stanley fashion, the stories are fun and well-paced, and characters and situations are vaguely reminiscent of sitcoms. (Though often more entertaining)

Kookie and Mama Pappa, back cover, Kookie #2 ⬇

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-Here's a link to a nice page of 'Stanleyisms' - - cataloging some of his signature story-telling devices.

Back to the subject of others having done all the work- -

(Cover, Kookie #1, Feb-Apr 1961) ➔

As mentioned on Fred Hembeck's page, there are several great old comic book stories scanned and available for reading over at Last of the Spinner Rack Junkies. You can see other examples of John Stanley comics there...

...But in particular, you can follow this link there to see and read the ENTIRE 35 pages of the 1st issue of 'Kookie'!

That takes care of issue #1.

I've provided just a few selections here from issue #2. Not quite yet prepared to scan the whole thing for you. At least not today...

'Bongo and Bop', from inside front cover ⬇

Kookie in 'Hidden Talent' from issue #2 ➔

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(page 2)
(page 3)
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(page 5)
(page 6)
(page 7)
(page 8)
(page 9)

(inside back cover, issue #2) ⬇


Mike Lynch said...

Just wonderful stuff here. Never seen KOOKIE,despite being a LULU/Stanley fan. Thanks for this. I posted a note on my blog about this.

Thanks for sharing, Stephen!!!

Jason said...

Excellent! Thanks for the images -- was just re-reading issue #1 & lamenting it's solo status in my life. The Stanley/ Williams combo was certainly a hit for me.


=Tamar said...

Wow. I just found this site. I saved my copies of Kookie for years, finally lost track of them. Thanks!

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