Thursday, July 26, 2007

Comic-Con '07: Greetings from Dork Vegas!

Flew in to San Diego yesterday, and it's a real treat to be someplace else for a few days.

Especially nice to be back someplace where there's water. And moisture in the air. And color. Very special.

I've been excited about coming back to Comic-Con. Changing planes in San Francisco yesterday for the second hop, it was great to start spotting others who were clearly heading here as well.

Pioneering underground comix creator and comics historian Trina Robbins sat behind me on the plane. It always does my heart good to see her at events like these.

(Hey, check out Trina's website.)

She was flying down with her partner, Steve Leialoha. I've always liked his artwork, though I confess I haven't seen any recent examples of his work in a while.

(ADDENDUM: Later that same day, there was Mr. Leialoha signing autographs in Artist's Alley. The artwork he's included in his two sketchbooks show a style that --to my eye-- has grown leaps and bounds from what I've seen in the past. Lyrical, eloquent lines, lovely stuff. Wow. I loved his work then, I love it more now.)

Braved the confusion of registration and badge pick-up in the afternoon, and had a blast wandering among the hordes at 'Preview night' in the evening. It's wild to think that's as 'empty' as the convention center will get during the Con.

I strolled around without any particular destinations in mind last night, but I imagine today and tomorrow I'll roll up my sleeves and get serious and systematic. A lot of ground to cover.

I saw some familiar faces and said hello to a few folks during my prolonged mosey about the exhibit hall - - Jordan Crane, Derek Thompson, William Stout and a couple others...

...and then I got down to some hunting. I worked my magic wantlist a bit, filled some nice holes, and found some fun stuff at the right price that was too cool to pass up. (see below)

Okey-doke, off to breakfast and back to the safari!

To be continued...

(click on images to ENLARGE)

- - Hey, so is it just me, or does this Bugs Bunny cover seem a little unsavory somehow?

I think Bugs looks drunk. Sitting alone, had a few, making phonecalls and keeping both hands free for carrot-fondling...

...I don't recall seeing him in blue gloves before, either. D'you suppose they're rubber?


Anonymous said...

I'll pay you money to scan in that Bob Hope comic.

Gavin Elster said...

Its a hairy carrot.

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