Friday, July 13, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 07/13/07

1. A sleeping dog in your lap.

2. A couple of links...

- Top comic strip artists draw their characters while blindfolded in a 1947 Life magazine photo piece, presented at A Hole in the Head. (via Grow-a-brain)

- 'Et Tu, Babycakes': The results of SLATE's action-movie-one-liner contest. (via IMDb)

3. ...And a couple of new DVD releases coming in September that I'll be eagerly anticipating:

- Director Jack Hill's horror / sitcom film, 'Spider Baby', filmed in 1964 but shelved 'til '68.

Sounds like they're doing it up right.

The new reissue DVD version is listed as being ' a preferred Director's Cut', "...transferred and restored in High Definition from the 35mm original negatives under the supervision of Jack Hill, rounded out with almost an hour's worth of never-before-seen featurettes created exclusively for this home video release."

Those extras are slated to include - -
a new commentary track by Jack Hill and co-star Sid Haig,
'The Hatching of Spider Baby' - a documentary featuring interviews with Hill, Haig, and others from the film's cast and crew,
'Spider Stravinsky: The Cinema Sounds of Ronald Stein' - a brief featurette on the composer of the score,
a photo gallery with many rare behind-the-scenes pictures and advertising art,
and 'The Merrye House Revisited' - a tour with Jack Hill back to the original location where 'Spider Baby' was filmed.

- I'm also looking forward to 'Night on Earth', Jim Jarmusch's 1991 round-the-world taxicab vignettes collection.

It's not quite Jarmusch's best, but it has its own definite charms.

It's also a film that's been long overdue for DVD release here in the U.S.

The good news / bad news is it'll be a Criterion release, which should mean a great print and some nice extras, but with Criterion's insane pricing structure, it's less likely to be a frivolous purchase for your home library.

(I always forget if that's good news or bad news)

4. Other new products I'm wishlisting:
New music, or rather, more specifically, yet even still more new music.

I was just looking through the latest issue of No Depression.

Highly Dangerous!!

I like the magazine, like their reviews and interviews, but - - MAN ! - - I cannot flip through those pages without reading about new stuff I feel I must posess. So I guess they're doing their job correctly...

...I already know I'm a shameless consumer. Or maybe I'd rather say 'enthusiast'.

I'm ready to hear new stuff by Nick Lowe, and John Doe, and The Gourds,
I gather Loudon Wainwright III's got a new CD of songs 'from and inspired by' that movie 'Knocked Up' that he's in...

...The Arhoolie label has put out some new overview collection of tamburitza music that sounds promising, and then there's a whole slew of stuff by folks I haven't heard of - - perhaps nobody's really heard of...

'So much music, so little time' is sounding more and more like a fitting epitaph, y'know?

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Spider Baby on DVD. I think Sid Haig should have gotten some kind of award for his work on that film.

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