Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tony Bruno - I'm Feeling It Now (1969)

Here's Tony's second LP, following up on last week's focus on his background and his first album, 'An Original By Bruno'.

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For 'I'm Feeling It Now' he retained Artie Ripp as his producer in his move to Capitol.

The song choices and Roger Kellaway's arrangements would lead to a *slightly* more mainstream sound than on his previous recording, though I'd say this album carries a more 'baroque' quality to it, and still has many of its own perfectly 'off' or extreme moments.

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As to the bombastic side of Bruno's voice and delivery, I think this LP better highlights his practice of continuing to vocalize beyond the parameters of lyrics.
Small groans and sighs, a vowel pitched into bonus syllables, etc.

Actually, I suppose he employs some of the same technique in his more hushed moments, too.
There's also more of his studied 'Billie Holiday' intonations to be found on this record, which suit him surprisingly well.

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Tony's the coolest, grooving in his own orbit.

It makes me happy to have the opportunity to share him with you.

"C'mon! Get freaky, GET FREAKY!!"

From Tony Bruno's 'I'm Feeling It Now' LP,
(Capitol Records, 1969)

Listen to:

Little Men And Women
Rhoda Mendelbaum
You Can't Do That
Reason To Believe
Soft Summer Breeze
We'll Be Together Again
It Happened So Suddenly
You Don't Know What Love Is
Little Green Apples
I'm Feeling It Now
Didn't We

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- - OR download all 11 tracks in one 32 Mb zipfile.


Johnny C said...

Thanks for posting... I have his first album, which I think I listened to once... you've given me a appreciation for him...

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the first album on your reco and play it regularly, so am looking very forward to hearing this one. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! More Bruno.

I just left a comment on the other post you did about him, but here's more.

In the ensuing years, have you seen that someone did put a color pic of his first LP cover out on Discogs? It's here:

Also, I just noticed the Scram mag reference. Good to see that name again -- I used to write for Scram as well towards the end of its run.

Tony S.

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