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78s fRom HeLL: Three by Red Ingle, as featured vocalist with the Ted Weems Orchestra, 1936 - 1939

Versatile musician, singer, writer, arranger, cartoonist and humorist Red Ingle performed with
Ted Weems' orchestra from 1931 until the band went on 'hiatus' after the outbreak of WWII.

Born in Toledo, Ohio,
Ingle (1906 - 1965) had begun performing professionally by age 15. By his late teens he was playing saxophone with the
Jean Goldkette Orchestra, in the band along with Bix Beiderbecke and Frankie Trumbauer.

During his stint with Ted Weems, in addition to his instrumental duties he was the band's comedian, featured in many of their 'novelty' numbers.

A young Perry Como joined the Weems band as a boy vocalist in 1936.
He later would recall Red Ingle as one of the most talented men he'd ever met.

After the Weems orchestra disbanded, Ingle sought war work, but was eventually discharged from military service after failing an
Air Force eye exam.

In 1943 he joined Spike Jones and his City Slickers, which is perhaps the career credit for which Ingle is best remembered. His musical versatility, comic timing and creative spark served him well there, along with his aptitude for funny voices and sound effects.

Red Ingle left Spike's employ in November of 1946, following a salary dispute.
(Not an uncommon departure for various City Slickers).
By the Spring of 1947 Ingle had formed his new band, soon to be performing as 'The Natural Seven' and recording almost exclusively for then-fledgling record label Capitol Records.

Those Capitol recordings from '47 - '51 are brilliant.
Stunning musicianship paired with wry cornball humor.
You can find them all on a perfect and HIGHLY recommended Red Ingle CD released on the Bear Family label.

Ingle's performances here on these few earlier, well-loved old Ted Weems 78s don't match the manic inventiveness on display during his solo years or his recordings with Spike Jones - - or at least the intensity is only turned up to about a '6', instead of the amped-out '11' he'd reach in later years.

Having fallen in love with the man's skills from his heyday, I can't fault him for those years he was still figuratively 'on the leash'.

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Listen to:
Ted Weems and his Orchestra, vocal by Red Ingle -
Jelly Bean (He's A Curbstone Cutie)

(Decca Records 78,
recorded 5-15-1936, Chicago, Illinois)

(click for audio)

Listen to:
Ted Weems and his Orchestra, vocal by Red Ingle -
When A Lady Meets A Gentleman Down South

(Decca Records 78,
recorded 8-6-1936, Chicago, Illinois)

(click for audio)

Listen to:
Ted Weems and his Orchestra, vocal by Red Ingle and
Marvel Maxwell -
Monstro The Whale

(Decca Records 78,
recorded 10-4-1939, NYC)

(click for audio)

Also see also:
Here's a link to a YouTube clip with Ingle as vocalist on 'Glow Worm' with Spike Jones and His City Slickers in 1946, and...

(8.22.08) It was recently brought to my attention that two previously posted Red Ingle video clips were no longer functional.

A fresh gander at YouTube reveals that several different Ingle clips have been added in their place. Here's hoping they stick around a while!

The first clip (below) ⬇ features Red and his band from around 1948, performing
'Cigareets and Whusky and Wild, Wild Women'

- Another, ⬇ from 1949, it's '(I Love You For) Seventy Mental Reasons', featuring vocalist
Karen Tedder.

- Finally, ⬇ jumping ahead to 1960, Red fiddles with guest vocalist Jo 'Cinderella G. Stump' Stafford
on 'Tim-Tay'Shun', reprising their hit recording from '47.

The videos above are available at YouTube via the good graces of Pappy Stuckey.
He's rebuilt a whole channel there of fine material for seriously enjoyable viewing.

You can see more - - including more Red Ingle - - by checking out his treasures at: pappyredux

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Good news! One of twindowlicker's recent Choosday Choons posts features a MASSIVE trove of archived Red Ingle 78s, including lots of the Capitol sides, the early Ted Weems stuff, some of the Spike Jones tracks and more!

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at Pet's playin' her old platters, come on in!


Gavin Elster said...

Monstro is an amazing find.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I came across your site while searching for the song "jelly bean". Growing up, I heard my Dad sing this often at family gatherings. Now his grandchildren are doing the same! Thank you for posting this song on your site! It brought back some great memories of my Dad.

Man in Blue said...

Red Ingle is my Great Uncle (my Great-Grandmother's brother). My mother spent a lot of time with him when she was a little girl. She passed many stories along to my sister and I. He truly was a great talent and very funny both on and off stage. Thank you for you for keeping his memory alive. I was disappointed that the YouTube video is no longer available. Maybe it could be revived or another one posted in its place.

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