Wednesday, September 5, 2007

High Wire Radio Choir - Big Bellied Woman (1978)

San Francisco comedian
Doug Ferrari founded
The High Wire Radio Choir in the mid-1970's, along with
Kevin Aspell and Ray Hanna.

They were staples of the bay area comedy scene into the next decade.

This live cut first appeared on a four-song 7" ep, and featured Doug Ferrari on vocals,
Ray Hanna providing 'translation', and special guest
Amos Garrett on blues guitar.

To make matters confusing, the track would show up again on the '1978' side of a cassette they released in 1983 as
'Guys From Space' (then replacing Kevin Aspell with 'Righteous' Raoul Brody, another regular of the SF scene).

It was around this time that Ferrari struck out to pursue a solo stand-up career, winning the
San Francisco Comedy Competition in 1984.

See also: A 'whatever-happened-to'-career-
roller-coaster profile of Doug Ferrari from 2005, archived at The Cardinal Inquirer.

Listen to:
High Wire Radio Choir, with Amos Garrett, guitar -
Big Bellied Woman
(Carillian Records 45 EP, 1978)

(click for audio)


Anonymous said...

Guys From Space are the bomb, man. I picked up their "Too Much Coffee" cassette back in '89 and it has become a favorite. "Big Bellied Woman" is, of course, classic, but "High Wire Hotel" and "60 Minutes Song" are also superb... hell, it's ALL great!

Anonymous said...

Those guys were great super funny and just really good people.

Unknown said...

Lost my "guys from space" cassette years ago and hoping to get a copy on disc of my all time favorites! Too much coffee...the best!

Anonymous said...

Im looking for copies of " Roto the monster from outer space" radio play anyone know of this?
Show was on either KFog or Ksan in 77, 78

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