Monday, September 17, 2007

(link:) Jesus is way cool

Maybe apparel like this has been around for a while.
I NEVER saw any of it until I moved away from California.
(Maybe I just wasn't moving in the right circles)

I've been doing an ongoing head-spinning double-take every time I pass the dual kiosks at the local shopping mall that sell these t-shirts (and many other similar designs).

I'm guessing that other folks besides me have not yet encountered them.

If such shirts are a ubiquitous sight wherever you're living, please forgive me while I stare in
slack-jawed fascination...

(Click on images to ENLARGE on a new page.)

All of these designs and a multitude of others available on shirts, hats, hoodies, and toddler tees can be found at the Divine Apparel website (and other "authorized Kerusso dealer" websites), and likely in thousands of identical shopping malls all across America.

See also: The Passion of the Tchotchke, one of several eye-popping galleries at Going Jesus.
(Home of the 'WTFWJD?' T-shirt, and also where you will undoubtedly manage to see photos of
My Amazing Godson.)


Craig D said...

Gosh, those are like WACKY PACKAGES FOR CHRIST!

(I'm a fan of both, BTW.)

Percy Trout said...

There's a booth a local flea market around these parts that sell nothing but these tees. Very odd.

Tobias Berblinger said...

I guess "Thou shall not steal" does not apply to intellectual property

Anonymous said...

very bad taste

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