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Les Baxter 'Le Sacre Du Savage' photo-spread, 1951

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Released on Capitol Records in 1951,
Les Baxter's 'Ritual of the Savage' LP would become one of the most significant albums of Baxter's long and varied career.

With its hit song, 'Quiet Village', it would also remain a landmark of essential listening in the world of 'exotica' music.

Around the time of its release, the little 'centerfold' fumetti-esque photo-spread shown above appeared in the November, 1951 issue of 'Capitol News', the label's own small, promotional monthly industry magazine.

In addition to tid-bits of information about their roster of artist's new records, 'Capitol News' would feature a smattering of publicity fluff photos, and occasional flights of silliness like this one.

Baxter himself portrays jungle hunter 'Serge Drek'.
'Griselde', the steel wool heiress, was played by Dottie O'Brien, a vocalist who had performed with the orchestras of Harry James and Red Nichols.

Singer / Actress Gisele MacKenzie portrayed the 'White Goddess'.

She'd had a Canadian radio show for a few years prior to her move to L.A. in '51.

Within the next few years MacKenzie became very popular via her hit records, nightclub gigs, and guest TV appearances on the
Jack Benny and Ed Sullivan shows and as a regular on
'Your Hit Parade'.

Follow this link to a YouTube clip from a 1955 episode of 'Your Hit Parade'. MacKenzie mimics ballet and sings a version of the R&B hit, 'Dance with Me Henry'...

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