Saturday, October 6, 2007

Woody Allen's Vodka Ad, circa 1966

Woody Allen's monologue 'The Vodka Ad' is featured prominently on his 'Standup Comic' CD (essential listening, btw).

It was originally recorded around 1968, and was included on his 3rd LP.
It makes reference to the slightly unlikely series of print ads he'd done a couple of years prior for Smirnoff.

Above is a fair-to-middlin' scan of one of them I found in a magazine, and you can take a wee peek at a couple others found floating around the net - - (click on links below)

- - Here's one, and here's another, posing with actress Monique Van Vooren.

- - and just for completist kicks, follow this link back to another old Smirnoff ad I posted here several months ago, featuring Wally Cox.


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Anonymous said...

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