Friday, February 22, 2008

Cross-promotional advertising glut in 1965 'That Darn Cat!' magazine photo-spread

The Walt Disney Studio's film, 'That Darn Cat!' opened in The U.S. on December 2nd, 1965.

As a tie-in, the November 1965 issue of LOOK magazine had a glossy advertising spread smack dab in the middle of it.

It featured two of the film's stars, Dean Jones and Dorothy Provine, as well as 'Syn' (who portrayed the title character) and a few other actors (including a bored-looking William Demarest).

Not content to promote merely the movie, an impressive array of products are paraded through the nine-page peek at a supposed 'day on the set'...

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Personally, I'm fascinated by the way some of the advertised 'co-products' show up in the backgrounds of some of the 'starring' product's pages.

It's like 'Where's Waldo', or almost reminiscent of the visual puzzles in old LP covers created by the Hipgnosis design group. (Okay, maybe that's pushing it a bit)

One curious note in these ads is the presence of actress Abigail Shelton, who did not appear in 'That Darn Cat!'.

Possibly she was at the studio, and stood in on the shoot for the absent Hayley Mills?

Perhaps it sheds a little light on why this was Hayley Mills' final film for Disney?

- - And this film was the first of many Disney features for the cooperative Dean Jones. Hmm...


K. R. Seward said...

Wow--supah synergy . . .

I think you sussed out Disney re Hayley and Dean.

Sleestak said...

What the...hell? Where's Hayley Mills?

Thombeau said...

I love it!

Whatever happened to Dean Jones, anyway?

The In Crowd said...

Thombeau - -

The wikipedia entry for Dean Jones gives some info that saddens me, though it doesn't particularly surprise me:

"Jones became a devout born-again Christian in 1973-1974 and has since appeared in several Christian movies. A noted conservative, Jones also testified in favor of a Constitutional amendment that would limit marriage to only heterosexuals.
Jones is semi-retired, and currently resides in California."

Booksteve said...

Jones toured through Cincinnati about ten years back in SHOWBOAT. I was managing a bookstore and wrote to him asking if he'd drop by for an hour and read some Disney stories to kids in exchange for us displaying a poster for the play. He actually phoned us to say his schedule was jam-packed but was very friendly and pleasant in turning us down! Hayley Mills, on the other hand, ignored a similar request completely when she came through in THE KING AND I later that year. Sigh.

Thombeau said...

Hmm, sad indeed. Poor Dean has some issues.

Anonymous said...

Well, in crowd, Dean Jones becoming a Christian gladdens me! Is it because he withdrew from secular movies that you are sad? (Agreed there.) Or because he takes a stand on his beliefs about marriage?

We can still enjoy all the many films he did make.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I meant to thank you for posting these great pix! I do so love the early 60s. ;-)

The In Crowd said...

Qatgirl - -

Thanks for your comments, and I'm pleased that youve enjoyed this post.

I have no problem with Dean Jones being a Christian, his choices of roles to take, or that he feels passionately about his beliefs.

It's the part about his testifying to limit marriage only to heterosexuals - - if that is in fact the truth.

My own opinion on the topic differs, but more than that I personally am of the opinion that there are a huge number of issues out there that are far more worthy of a person's time and energy than seeking to ban gay marriages.

That we're talking about Dean Jones - - of all people - - just sort of tarnishes my memories of the pleasantly benign guy who was in all those silly and innocent movies I saw as a kid.

For me, it would be sort of like discovering that Captain Kangaroo hated children. (But that's another story for another time.)

Anonymous said...

In the crowd, great post, exposing Hollywood's early blatant and awaked product marketing attempts. From product placement in the films of the 80's and 90's to the downright whore marketing of today's stars its nice to look back at a more innocent period. Additionally it saddens me that everything becomes a discussion about gay rights, anyone aspiring to traditional beliefs, well they are deemed as outcasts or peculiar especially to those intimate or even interested the entertainment community.

Anonymous said...

As a big That Darn Cat fan, I really enjoyed seeing these ads. I never knew they existed, until I saw your site.
Thank you for sharing them!

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