Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rock N' Roll 'Collage Drawings' by Opal Louis Nations, 1980 - '81

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He'd worn many hats prior to leaving his native Britain, but when I first encountered
Opal Louis Nations, he was relatively new to the SF bay area, and had recently begun hosting a wonderful late-night doo-wop show on community radio in Berkeley.

He also made fascinating and beautifully playful pieces of artwork celebrating the early days of Rock & Roll music. They could be sentimental, whimsical, scandalous and odd, and I loved them. Still do.

Many of these images appeared in a book of his work, 'The Nations of Rock N' Roll'.

In recent years, Nations has curated and produced many wonderful CD collections of vintage Gospel recordings, and has written several articles for Blues & Rhythm Magazine.

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Thombeau said...

These are fantastic, I absolutely love 'em!

Devil Dick said...

those really really keen.

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