Sunday, June 1, 2008

Frederick Richardson illustrations for Holton-Curry's Third Reader, 1914 (flickr link)

In the first part of the 20th century, Charles Madison Curry and Martha Adelaide Holton wrote and edited a large number of readers, primers, and other books intended to foster reading skills in young school children.

Illustrator Frederick Richardson (1862-1937) began his career in newspapers.
He had a regularly featured spot in Saturday editions of the Chicago Daily News for his political cartoons and social commentary.

Richardson left newspapers behind in the early 1900's, and spent the next thirty years providing illustrations for magazines and children's books.

- Please follow this link to my flickr set of 26 images from a 1914 edition of the Holton-Curry Third Reader!

- You can read can read from a 1916 edition of this book online, available at Google Books, as well as others in the Holton-Curry series of Readers.

- Likewise, several books containing Frederick Richardson's illustrations can be read online, available at both Google Books and at The Online Books Page.

- More specifically, the book 'East o'the Sun and West o'the Moon
with other Norwegian folk tales' may be previewed at
Childrens Library.Org

- Two Richardson illustrations from native American 'fairy stories' may be viewed at the Violet Books - Golden Era of Book Illustration website.

- A couple of standard 'fable' images show up in a blog post at Graphic Tales from Ulcer City.


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