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Treasure Chest Comics: A 'wacky' 1962 'artist-jam wrap-around' cover

Oh my Gosh, what's happening here?!? ▼

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The September, 1962 cover image above ▲ was a collaborative effort from 11 different artists whose work appeared regularly in Treasure Chest.

Some of them, like Reed Crandall, Joe Sinnott, and Dick Giordano were also well-known for their legacies in more secular comics titles.

Below ▼ you'll find the inside scoop behind this admittedly puzzling comics cover.

(Have you noticed over the course of many years how often Abraham Lincoln shows up in various pop culture media's attempts to portray a scene where things are out of place?)

Treasure Chest was an interesting item in the world of comic books, familiar to many, Terra Incognita to others (like myself) who grew up outside of its realm.

The Catholic-themed anthology comic book was published from 1946 - 1972, and was distributed only via student subscriptions in parochial schools, delivered in bulk to the classrooms.

For most of its history, Treasure Chest was only issued during the school year, and prior to going monthly in 1960, it came out twice a month.

Its various short stories and ongoing serials could typically range from historical biography to sports stories to the adventures of school kids (just like you) and beyond, but all were meant to be inspirational and to illustrate Catholic ideals.

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For more about Treasure Chest Comics:
- Wikipedia's page is a good place to start. Good info and several links .

- Mark Evanier's archives include a nice article he wrote about Reed Crandall's infamous early-sixties serial, 'This Godless Communism'.
'This Godless Communism' can also be read in its entirety at The Authentic History Center.

- Likewise, much of Treasure Chest's run has been archived and is available for reading.
I suggest browsing by story title.

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