Friday, July 25, 2008

Larry Storch Reads Philip Roth's 'Epstein'

'Epstein' is a short story that appeared in author Philip Roth's first published book,
'Goodbye, Columbus' in 1959.

Like the title novella and other short stories in the book, its theme relates to the concerns of urban American Jews - - specifically in this story, a middle-aged overbearing father and husband with demons of his own.

- Click here to read the album's back cover liner notes, written by Nat Hentoff.

A guess is that the late '60's reissue of this earlier-released recording was meant to coincide with the rise in popularity
Philip Roth had at the time with his bestseller 'Portnoy's Complaint' and the film version of 'Goodbye, Columbus'.

From the LP 'Larry Storch Reads Philip Roth's Epstein'
(original Prestige/Lively Arts release circa 1962, this Prestige LP reissue circa 1969),
Listen to:

Side 1 (timing: 24:04)

Side 2 (timing: 20:53)

(click for audio)

- - OR download both album sides in one 43.6 Mb zipfile.

Larry Storch began his showbiz career as a stand-up comedian and impressionist.

His talent for expertly capturing subtly nuanced voices is evident in this recording.

Storch may be best remembered for his '60's TV sitcom role of Corporal Agarn on 'F Troop', or perhaps by some for his re-teaming with Forrest Tucker a decade later on the Saturday morning kids show, 'The Ghost Busters'.

In addition to many other TV, film and stage appearances, Larry Storch also provided many voices for animated cartoon characters, such as Phineas J. Whoopee on the 'Tennessee Tuxedo' show (performing opposite his childhood pal, Don Adams), 'Cool Cat' at the very end of the Warner Bros. 'Looney Tunes' era, and as 'Drac' in the Archies spun-off 'Groovie Goolies' TV show.

See also:
- Larry Storch seen briefly in a YouTube clip as KAOS DJ 'The Groovy Guru' (again opposite his pal
Don Adams), from the 1968 'Sacred Cows' episode of TV's 'Get Smart'.

- Listen to a 1957 novelty 45 released on the Roulette label; a parody of Fats Domino's hit,
'I'm Walkin'', featuring Storch impersonating Prince Philip singing to Elizabeth II.

- For his current activities, click over to Larry Storch on MySpace

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