Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Maureen McCormick: "Come Spend The Day With Me!" (1971 magazine photo-article)

The article below appeared in the August, 1971 issue of Teen World magazine - - One of dozens of fan-mag articles focused on then-teen
'Brady Bunch' star Maureen McCormick during the original run of the TV series.

Of interest is the common fashion of using only her first name in the article.
Was that merely a device for the readers, to suggest a casual familiarity with their teen idols?

Or did it somehow serve to distance the 'character' of 'Maureen' from the real actress, who perhaps would not invite you to 'spend the day' with her?

Note that co-star Susan 'Cindy' Olsen was not granted the same first-name basis status...

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For years now we've had plenty of examples of how bizarre the effects of a childhood on TV can be for the 'habitual' celebrity.

I personally have not witnessed our friend Mo McCormick's current incarnation as a staple of reality TV, though I have friends who are eager to tell me all about it.

From what I've gathered, Mo has acquitted herself relatively well - - at the very least in comparison to some of her peers from the ranks of former child stars.

But certainly celebrity can make for a slightly strange mindset...

I recall back around 1994 when Mo was involved in a seminar that traveled around U.S. college campuses.

On tour with 'Birth Control Matters', she would speak out to college students about various methods of birth control and the importance of practicing safe sex.

During a visit to the U.C. Berkeley campus, she made time to stop by the studios of KALX radio for an interview.

Amid questions about her showbiz career, she spoke earnestly about birth control education, and mentioned that she and her husband had tried different methods while planning their family, and after the birth of their daughter.

When asked what method they settled on, she declined to answer, stating in essence that it's up to the individual to choose the method that will work best for them, and that she didn't want to use her celebrity status to influence anyone into using 'the same birth control that Marcia Brady uses'.

- - Which of course is good advice, but, even giving Mo the benefit of the doubt to say that it wasn't ego talking, it's a little odd to consider having to think that way...

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Donna Lethal said...

Can I spend the day with David and Bobby instead?

Anonymous said...

Maureen McCormick - What an airhead! I can't believe the exposure she is getting. Is she related to Paris?

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