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The Lancers - See You In Seattle (at the Big World's Fair) (1962)

The 1962 Seattle World's Fair (also known as The Century 21 Exposition) gave the city of Seattle, Washington its
Space Needle and its downtown monorail system.

In proper world's fair fashion, it was an event crafted to show America's cold war confidence and optimism towards future technology and the space race with the Soviet Union.

The fair presented the world of tomorrow as the shimmering, 'Jetsons'-like utopia it was surely destined to become.

This souvenir record was distributed at the fair.

'The Lancers' (Jerry Meacham, Dick Burr, Bob Porter and Corky Lindgren) had a small, Top-40 radio hit in 1953 with 'Sweet Mama, Tree Top Tall', and though other groups have used the name at different times, these 'Lancers' are probably the same vocal group that had worked around the same time as occasional back-up singers for recording artist Kay Starr.

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Listen to:
The Lancers -
See You In Seattle (at the Big World's Fair)

(S. W. F. Records 45, 1962)
(click for audio)

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Duncanmusic said...

Nice. I actually went to BOTH of these Worlds' Fairs! In 1962 I was 11 and my parents and brother (8) and sister (5) drove across country in a 1961 Chevy Bel Air Station Wagon from Fairport, NY (outside of Rochester)to Seattle. Along the way we stopped/stayed at many of my parents old friends' homes and camped at Yellowstone etc. We stayed with friends in Seattle who lived on Puget Sound and enjoyed a couple of days at the fair. I remember having my first experience with 'deja vu' there. I used to own this record and several of the postcards posted also, most importantly an oversize Space Needle post card and the classic monorail postcard near the end. I also had a yellow plastic Space Needle for twenty years (along with my Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building and Washington Maonument...none in scale with each other but all about the same height).

I WORKED at the 1964 NY World's Fair in the Boy Scout Pavillion and throughout the Fair on a daily basis for 10 days raising and lowering US flags everyday. I was part of a contigent of scouts from Rochester that paid $70 to spend 10 days there (we got a $40 refund when we came back) as aprt of an on site troop. We were stationed at Fort Totten on The Island (a Naval base in Brooklynn, as I recall)which was a treat with its 25 cent movies and 10 cent sodas for all us youngsters. It was a pretty cool week...I got to see EVERY exhibit, and believe me I did. I wish I still had all the WF brochures I collected at the time (along with all the ones from Seattle and every other state and national park in the US I could collect!...I used to have nearly every one!). A week after I returned home, my family went to the fair and I was able to be their guide and take them to all my favorite exhibits at the times most suited to getting right in and using all the shortcuts I had devised. I even took them to my favorite pretzel man.

I still have my 'Offical BSA 1964-65 New York World's Fair Patch' AND, when I got back from my trip, my scoutmaster gave me HIS Official BSA patch from the 1939 New York World's Fair which I also still have. Let me see if I can find the picture of me there and the patches and scan them in...give me a couple of days.
Thanks for dredging up the memories. It's fun.

stasey Adams said...

I am 30 years old, and I live in Tacoma. Corky Lindgren....Carlton W. Lindgren of the Lancers is my Grandpa. He is the bass singer. I am so happy that he is part of our history in WA. My Grandpa is the most wonderful musically talented person ever. He died in the 1990's of Alzhhimers....but he went out singing..... if anyoned remembers him or wants to know more, contact me....253-985-0528

Anonymous said...

My name is Suzanne Meacham-Hart and Jerry Meacham from the Lancers was my father. Jerry died in 1968, when I was eight. I can not tell you how wonderful it was to just find this site and her their song. If there is anyone out there with records or memorabilia I would sure love copies. Thank you, Suzanne

Alex said...

I found a copy of this Seattle World's Fair souvenir single by The Lancers on a recent road trip through North and South Dakota (found the record for $2 in an antique store in Fargo, ND). It's terrific! It's great to find more info on The Lancers and even comments from some of their kin here on your blog. I look forward to exploring further...

Ronnie said...

Stasey, I have looked up the Lancers and Corky several times on line and never found anything on them before now. I grew up with the Lancers in my life from the time I was very young. They were all very good friends of my Mom's (Yvonne Ranger) and I think about them often. At the time when I got to know them more was in the early 70's. At that time they had added a couple of new guys. My parents, sister and I went to Ocean Shores, Washington to spend the week-end with them and go their nightly shows. It was a time I will never forget. I think your Grandpa was a really terrific man and I'm sure he has his own band in heaven!

Jack Redmond said...

My name is Jack Redmond, and I'm a trombone player in Los Angeles. I worked with The Lancers at the Seattle Worlds Fair in 1962, having joined them at Lake Tahoe a few weeks before. They were a fine group , and four really nice guys. I've often wondered what happened to them.
Anyone wishing to contact me can Email me at :,
or call at (818)767-3643.

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