Friday, December 19, 2008

Lars Gullin Quartet - 'Danny's Dream' b/w 'Be Careful' (1954)

Swedish jazz artist / composer Lars Gullin (1928 - 1976) was a baritone sax player whose style was reminiscent of fellow baritone players Serge Chaloff and Gerry Mulligan, though the 'chamber jazz' sound on this single also puts me in mind of Jimmy Giuffre.

Beginning in the 1950s, he became well-known for touring with Chet Baker and other jazz musicians when they'd visit from America to play dates in Europe.

Health problems and other complications related to Gullin's narcotics addictions plagued him throughout most of his career, and though he made some fine recordings, many discussions about him tend towards what might have been...

- You can read extensive biographical notes at The Official Lars Gullin Website.

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Listen to:
Lars Gullin Quartet - Danny's Dream
(EmArcy Records 45, 1954)
(click for audio)

Band lineup on this 45:

Lars Gullin - baritone sax
Rolf Berg - guitar
George Riedel - bass
Robert Edman - drums

Listen to:
Lars Gullin Quartet - Be Careful
(EmArcy Records 45, 1954)
(click for audio)


Anonymous said...

Glad and proud you did a post about swedish jazz... :-)
From Uncle Sid i Sweden

fms said...

very nice. very cool. grazie

P-E Fronning said...

A wonderful post for a Swedish Gullin fan... Danny's dream is a truly wonderful song which should be a classic everywhere. The bass player Georg Riedel (also a Swede) is (still active) a great musician and composer who is responsible for many many Swedish classic tunes ranging from jazz to movie soundtracks, "classical" and children's tunes.

Timmy said...

I have several of these kinds of 7"EP's" in their cardboard jackets. Funny how on the mono recordings, when played on a stereo neddle, the scratches are in stereo, but the music is in mono. A nice warm feeling. Great stuff here, this Lars guy... I wasn't aware of him. Thanx...

Anonymous said...

This is really great, thanks!

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