Friday, December 12, 2008

The Post of Xmas Past

As the Xmas season is well and truly upon us, it seems the right moment to direct you towards some previously-posted Holidaze-themed items that you may not have seen the first time around...

First up is a two-part podcast taken from a pair of shows I did for Radio Boise back in 2006.

I have full confidence that absolutely no one heard them when they were broadcast then, so I'm pleased to seize an opportunity to give them an airing again.
Each has been slightly re-tooled, with all the local interruptions and my then-pertinent and topical announcements removed.

What remains is essentially a holiday 'mix-tape' affair, an assortment of primarily un-traditional Xmas music (and some spoken-word), heavy on whimsy and cynicism, veering occasionally into
'Bah, Humbug' territory, but hopefully somehow retaining a gentle balance of sentimentality.

Each unwieldy audio file runs just short of 2 hours in length, perfect for some alternative household muzak or perhaps as a download for the trip over the hill and through the woods to Grandmother's house...

⬇ (Posted only for limited time) ⬇

UPDATE, 1/4/09: Time's up!
If you're still in a mood for Xmas tuneage, try looking for this old two-part special over here.

- Big Annoying Xmas special ...Part 1 ?!?
- Click here for a playlist (Radio Boise, week of 12.11.06)

- Big Annoying Xmas special ...Part 2 !
- Click here for a playlist (Radio Boise, week of 12.18.06)

Next are just a few highlights of posts from around this same time last year;
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◀ - Cab Calloway's Letter to Santa, 1944

Someday, hopefully soon, Cab's war-time sentiment will once again seem out-of-date.

- Xmas cards from Hank Ketcham and 'The Dennis The Menace Gang', 1985 - 1989

◀ -'Merry Soul Christmas', featuring George Conedy at the Hammond Organ

- And still receiving a surprising amount of kind comments from folks with fond memories, it's The de Paur Chorus' 1956 'Calypso Christmas' LP

Hope the rest of the Holiday Season is good to you, and that we can all remember to be good to ourselves and to each other in 2009 and beyond.

Thanks for your time, thanks for visiting!

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