Monday, January 19, 2009

Scopitones in Archie comics, 1965

I've been working on updating some of the previously posted Archie Comics-related material I've gathered here on the blog, adding some more examples of how those comic books mirrored various aspects of 1960s and '70s pop culture.

Here's a little preview
(more below), one that might benefit from just a little background info...

Scopitones were the name of one variety of 'film jukebox' that first appeared in the early 1960s. ▶

It's also the name of the films themselves, which were precursors to today's music videos.

They were popular in Europe and in the U.S. throughout the sixties, and on the wane by the seventies.

Scopitones weren't part of my experience at that time, but I've been a big fan of Scopitones.Com (sister site to Bedazzled!) for several years.

- Follow the link to Scopitones.Com NOW and watch some fascinating and groovy musical performances!

Betty and Veronica's brief interlude below at Pop's Chok'lit Shoppe occured in
Archie's Joke Book #93 (1965).

(Click on image to enlarge in a
new window) ▼

- Follow link to another informative site,
Scopitone Archive,
for a bit more history and background.


Donna Lethal said...

Great find! And I love that there's an actress named "January Jones" on MadMen ... I must link on PCL.

Ravel said...

Curious. The picture of your Scopitone machine is with clothes etc. I live in Montreal and a couple of years ago, a used clothes store had a Scopitone. A friend photographed me in front of it but it didn't work. When we went back months later, it was gone.
Your pic, with the setting, is like if it was the one in Montreal! Weird.

The In Crowd said...

Hey Ravel - -

It's not that weird. I swiped that photo from Bedazzled!, who'd posted it with the testimony of the enthusiastic photographer who'd spotted it in Montreal.

Another mystery solved.

What I neglected to do was to give credit where it was due in MY post, assuming that folks would click over to Bedazzled and see it, with notes and all.

I've since linked the photo...

Ravel said...

That's a good one! So my eyes didn't trick me! Thanks!
(The store where I saw it changed a lot. There was a 2nd floor with a lot of old stuff and the machine --- now gone --- was at the foot of the stairs. I wonder where it is now...

VZ1 said...

It is interesting to see how the Archie comics really mirror the culture. The fact that these comics are STILL being published makes me wonder if they continue to do so... and, if so, I probably don't want to see Betty in low-rise jeans and Archie's Ford Model T jalopy all tricked out.

Donna Lethal said...

I can imagine a lot of folks wanted to get in the booth with Joi and January ...

Hans van der Kraan said...

Doing research on the Scopitone I stumbled upon this site. Great to see this wonderful machine mentioned in the comics in this interesting way. Recently we added a model ST-16 to our collection, still in working order.
Cheers from Amsterdam, Hans (Curator Apparatus Collection Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam, NL.)

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