Sunday, June 14, 2009

Squirt in your eye (1945 print ad)

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Squirt, the grapefruit soft drink, was introduced in 1938.

Their mascot,
'Little Squirt' began appearing in their advertisements and promotions in 1941.

Though the company changed hands many times over the decades, and the formula has changed a bit, Squirt soda is still around today.

- - But when was the last time you saw
'Little Squirt'?

Looks like there was a version of him still kicking around as late as the mid-1970s at least,
but since then?

Where do the old advertising mascots go to die?


LoungeTracks said...

Thanks for the swell look back at America's favorite Grapefruit soda In Crowd! We still long for it in 12 oz. bottles but that seems to be a pipe dream at this point.

Here's a post we did recently where you can get Squirt's Tijuana LP:
Squirt Does It's Thing!

Lounge On,

Craig D said...

The Squirt S& P we so cool! I always wanted my folks to get a pair back in the '60s but it never happened.

cranched said...

Squirt is the first soft drink I ever got from my parents. They used it as a mixer for their Tom Collins.

The bottle is and icon of the late 50s/early 60s. You can find them cheap at most flea markets.

Squirt is still sold where I live in Nashville, but no diet Squirt.

Fun Fact: Grapefruit counteracts the active ingredient in ZOCOR, a heart medicine. Is that on the bottle?

Fearless Leader said...

I do believe we've found another Vault Boy predecessor.

mel said...

I'm not an American, and even though I'm an old timer I have never heard of Squirt.

But I love the vintage advertising.

Donna Lethal said...

Wasn't "Kist" a Squirt knockoff?

The In Crowd said...

Hey Donna - -

Looks like Kist was introduced in the '30s too, perhaps even pre-dating Squirt.

Kist marketed a few different citrus flavored varieties, but I don't think grapefruit was among them.

Later on, the design on Kist cans changed, looking like their plan may have been to put you in mind of Mountain Dew.

Bob said...

There was also Rummy, another old grapefruit soda, from 1948. "Get chummy with Rummy" was the slogan. Despite printing "Non-alcoholic" on the bottles didn't sell well,probably because of the name.

Jarritos makes a great grapefruit soda (without HFCS)with Squirt-like graphics on the bottles.

I remember seeing the Squirt S+P shakers on eBay a lot in the late '90s.

Anonymous said...

Love the old Squirt ad. I vaguely remember the product though. Of course, the grapefruit soda I remember most is Fresca...

Unknown said...

Hi, I know this an old blog, but does anyone know where we can buy a lil Squirt Mascot figure like the one pictured?

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