Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Arnold Stang, 1918 - 2009

Upon the recent news of his death at age 91, a moment please to celebrate the life and career of character actor and voice artist Arnold Stang.

A small round-up of links from the web:

- A New York Times obituary.

- A wonderful, rambling profile posted in 2007 at WFMU's Beware of the Blog.

- A remembrance, showbiz anecdotes and an old 'Herman and Katnip' cartoon at
Mark Evanier's News From Me.

- Click over to Flickr for
LORAC!'s Arnold Stang photoset.
Publicity shots, advertising, record covers, etc. A great collection.

- Mr. Stang's screen credits listed at IMDb.

- An entry at TV Party includes a RealPlayer clip from an unsold late-'50s TV pilot for 'The Arnold Stang Show'.

- The 1960 kiddie record 'Arnold Stang's Waggish Tales' found him telling the tales of Peter and The Wolf and Ferdinand the Bull with orchestral accompaniment.

As of this writing, the LP may be heard via
Do You Speak English ?


K. R. Seward said...

I loved that scene with him & Jonathan Winters in ..Mad Mad World.

He lived just a few towns over--one might've wished to shake the gentleman's hand and thank him for all the laughs.

Thanks for posting.

Phillyradiogeek said...

This is one of those regrettable cases where I thought the deceased in question had been dead for many years. RIP Arnold.

Anonymous said...

He was a legend...

Tom said...

Oh, this is a great tribute. Thanks for posting this. I will always remember him for playing Frank Sinatra's sidekick in "Man With The Golden Arm", a must-see motion picture.

Jack Pendarvis said...

I just found your site while I was looking for - and finding, thanks to you! - information on Jughead/Goober hats. I thought you might like to see my tribute to Mr. Stang: http://jackpendarvis.blogspot.com/2009/12/blogtrospective-8-stang-arnold.html

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