Tuesday, May 26, 2020

People may be busting to dine out...

Passed along from friend-of-a-friend to friend and so on, via Twitter, apparently.
I don't really do Twitter, so apologies for posting a thing that may have gone viral already.

A perfect visual metaphor for the tension laying within.
Well, assuming you've seen 'Alien', anyway. If you haven't seen that 41-year-old movie (gasp!!), Spoiler Alert; the scene will end in a big mess.

- - But that's just the movies, surely. Good luck out there and bon appétit!

Classic Punk Albums Reimagined with Blue Note Jazz Cover Stylings: A John Yates portfolio

(Many thanks to an old friend, Mr. Burma, Music Librarian / DJ at KALX Radio in Berkeley, for directing attention towards this collection of images!)

The graphic design work of John Yates has been showing up on album covers and in other places since the late 1980s.

His design portfolio site, Stealworks has a section of 'Ideations', that includes this series of "Punk Note" album covers; Taking classic punk rock albums released between 1965-1990, and re-imagining them with design elements drawn from the Blue Note jazz record label.

Some of these imagined covers are 'merely' really fun, or really good

Some of them are also transcendently f***ing brilliant. 

That's my take, anyway...

- Click THIS link to plunge into the rabbit hole: a TON of images from John Yates' 'Punk Note' series!

 Click THIS link to plunge into the rabbit hole: a TON of images from John Yates' 'Punk Note' series!

- No, but seriously; Don't just settle for the images shown here!! 
Click THIS link to plunge into the rabbit hole: a TON of images from John Yates' 'Punk Note' series!

See also: 
- A short bio of John Yates, available at the Alternative Tentacles Records website.

- John Yates interviewed about his career in design and this 'Punk Note' series at 
No Echo and at Achilles In The Alleyway.
(recent as of this posting)

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Backgrounds for Zoom, via The Public Domain Review

I've begun tinkering with this blog, as I ponder Learning To Share all over again.
It appears that currently I have the time.
Finding that many of the old sidebar links have 'gone to seed', some pruning,
some re-arranging and updating has yielded some fun new discoveries.
For example:

'Public Domain Backgrounds for Zoom', a free offering from The Public Domain Review
(which I found via the martin klasch blog).

(Find more backgrounds at the Public Domain Review blog page.)

This is a time when many people are learning more about video conferencing.
I know I've been doing a lot of compare and contrast 'test-drives'.
Playing with virtual backgrounds can be a fun thing to monkey with, especially if you have either the right blank space or a green screen available behind you when you appear on your webcam.

You can go to Zoom's virtual backgrounds support page to learn more about system requirements, set-up, trouble-shooting, and also how to make your own virtual backgrounds.

(That's where I discovered that my operating system is not up-to-date enough to support virtual backgrounds. Setting up actual, non-virtual 'backdrops' for my video calls has been fun, too.
I can recommend playing with that as you figure out how to best present yourself.)

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

John Prine Is In His Heaven

John Prine hit the road yesterday.

During the news of his hospitalization, there was a moment when he stabilized. I know I felt like maybe he could recover and one day resume his career, as he had heroically done a few times in the past, after bouts with cancer. But he succumbed to complications from COVID-19 and passed on April 7th, in Nashville. He was 73.

(Links to:)
- An obituary at Rolling Stone.

- A John Prine tribute at Esquire.com

So now we can wish him bon voyage, and stop worrying about his health. 
Prine himself worked to set our minds at ease on that score. 
Having had ample opportunity to face his own mortality, that wily John Prine had already crafted his plan. He shared it with us in his song 'When I Get To Heaven'...

➚ Via YouTube, John Prine performing 'When I Get To Heaven', from an episode of Austin City Limits that premiered  in October of 2018.

The studio version of the song was released on his final album, 'The Tree of Forgiveness' in April of 2018.

Thanks for sharing, John!
Thanks for all the music and light.
I know I'll miss knowing you're around, but I'm happy to know that you're out there enjoying yourself.

All of us are given the opportunity to build our own versions of heaven.
Whatever heaven each of us chooses.
We don't have to wait until our deaths to start enjoying it.
Have you started building yours? Look again.
Maybe you have and didn't realize - -?

"When I Get To Heaven"

When I get to heaven, I'm gonna shake God's hand
Thank him for more blessings than one man can stand
Then I'm gonna get a guitar and start a rock-n-roll band
Check into a swell hotel, ain't the afterlife grand?

And then I'm gonna get a cocktail: vodka and ginger ale
Yeah, I'm gonna smoke a cigarette that's nine miles long
I'm gonna kiss that pretty girl on the tilt-a-whirl
'Cause this old man is goin' to town

Then as God as my witness, I'm gettin' back into show business
I'm gonna open up a nightclub called "The Tree of Forgiveness"
And forgive everybody ever done me any harm
Well, I might even invite a few choice critics, those syph'litic parasitics
Buy 'em a pint of Smithwick's and smother 'em with my charm

'Cause then I'm gonna get a cocktail: vodka and ginger ale
Yeah I'm gonna smoke a cigarette that's nine miles long
I'm gonna kiss that pretty girl on the tilt-a-whirl
Yeah this old man is goin' to town

Yeah when I get to heaven, I'm gonna take that wristwatch off my arm
What are you gonna do with time after you've bought the farm?
And then I'm gonna go find my mom and dad, and good old brother Doug
Well I bet him and cousin Jackie are still cuttin' up a rug
I wanna see all my mama's sisters, 'cause that's where all the love starts
I miss 'em all like crazy, bless their little hearts
And I always will remember these words my daddy said
He said, "Buddy, when you're dead, you're a dead pecker-head"
I hope to prove him wrong... that is, when I get to heaven

'Cause I'm gonna have a cocktail: vodka and ginger ale
Yeah I'm gonna smoke a cigarette that's nine miles long
I'm gonna kiss that pretty girl on the tilt-a-whirl
Yeah this old man is goin' to town
Yeah this old man is goin' to town

Source: AZLyrics
Songwriters: John E. Prine
When I Get to Heaven lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Meanwhile, in just another neighborhood...

From details about the 'Lockdown' in Ahmedabad, in yesterday's Times of India.

Friday, March 20, 2020

One Joey Ramone

A friend sent this to me, apparently it appeared on Twitter a couple of days ago.

Social Distancing sucks. 
(That's right! I said it!)

However, I do love the idea of being able to say to someone: 'Hey, I'm gonna need you to put One Joey Ramone between us' - - and having that be a 'thing'.

At least Joey will be spared having to hear us say it.

(PS / ADDENDUM: Another friend just pointed out to me that as it's been 6½ years since my last post on this blog, that "...doin' the Rock-math conversion, it's also been One Joey Ramone in years."
Some long & lanky Kozmik Kismet in action there, maybe! Hmmm, something to ponder...)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mac Harshberger illustrations from "Madrigal and Minstrelsy" (1927)

"Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead"
In her Author's Comment prefacing
"Madrigals and Minstrelsy" (published  in 1927)
Juliet Raphael states:
"In this book I have endeavored to translate the words of the poets into music...
"... The music has been done only as a setting for the words -- sung or chanted. To those who love poetry, and love to hear it read, chanted, or sung, this book is offered."

Illustrations accompanying the poems are by Frank Macoy "Mac" Harshberger

 (1900 – 1975).
Born in Tacoma, Washington, Harshberger studied art in Paris in 1921, settled in New York in the '20s where he taught for many years at the
Pratt Institute.

Though he worked in many styles and media in his career, some of his more striking images are his stylish black & white illustrations, sort of an American Art Deco equivalent to
Aubrey Beardsley

The cover image at right 
illustrates "Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Please click on images to enlarge, and click on any image caption titles to read that poem online.

frontispiece: "An Arab Love Song" by Francis Thompson
 "Laughing Song" by William Blake 
"Song" by Christina Rossetti
"The Fifteen Acres" by James Stephens
"A Woman's Last Word" by Robert Browning

"Music, When Soft Voices Die" by Percy Bysshe Shelley
"Matin Song" by Thomas Heywood
"Little Lamb" by William Blake
Sonnet XXIX by William Shakespeare
"The Song" by James Stephens
"The Fiddler of Dooney " by William Butler Yeats
"Night" by William Blake
"Give A Man A Horse" (a.k.a. "Gifts") by James Thomson
"Up-Hill" by Christina Rossetti
"Nurse's Song" by William Blake
"When You Are Old" by William Butler Yeats

◀At left, Mac Harshberger in 1926.
(image from Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie)

There's more to be found regarding
Mac Harshberger elsewhere around the net.
Here's a few places to start looking:

- a mini-biography at Victoria Chick.
- a portfolio and some background at Thomas Reynolds Gallery.
- some illustrations from Tristan and Isolde at Art Reference Blog.

If you have more information or images to share regarding Mac Harshberger, I'd love to hear from you!
Please feel free to leave comments.

Thanks to the following sites for the poetry links:

Poetry Foundation
- Bartleby.com
- Poetry Archive
About.Com: Classic Lit
- EnglishVerse.com

Freshly-stirred links