Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tortoise Erotica

Okay, so it was an excuse to learn how to set up the 'display video linkie' thingie.

But this clip HAS been a favorite of mine for a while...

...Make sure you have your volume turned up to hear the sounds of turtle passion.

(ADDENDUM: I've stacked up a pile of fun videos that I found lurking around YouTube. Rather than post them all here, I'll entice you to click this link, or hit the identical 'vlog' link floating over in the brown sidebar any old time the mood strikes...)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In Crowd of the month: Mel Taylor and the Magics

In 1962, members of the seminal instrumental surf band The Ventures discovered Mel Taylor performing as the house drummer at the Palomino Club in North Hollywood.

He'd worked as a session musician, recording with artists such as Herb Alpert and Buck Owens, among many others.
It's also his drumming you hear in the opening strains of Bobby 'Boris' Pickett's 'Monster Mash'.

Mel was drummer for The Ventures until his death in 1996, at which point he was replaced in the lineup by his son, Leon.

Somewhere amidst all the world tours and hundreds of recording sessions, he managed to release his fine 'In Action' LP in 1966. Gotta dig those groovy flutes...

Listen to: Mel Taylor and the Magics - The "In" Crowd (click for audio)

Clutch Cargo Comix

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In the early 1960's,
Clutch Cargo cartoons held all the promise that
Jonny Quest pretty much managed to deliver a few years later.

Kids that I knew either reviled it or reveled in it,
(I waffled) but it was too bizarre to ignore.

This comic strip ran originally in the February, 1961 issue of Jack & Jill magazine.

The artwork here by Clutch's creator, cartoonist/animator
Clark Haas may be closer to full-process animation than what we saw in the TV series.

- - AND you don't have the distraction of the
'Syncro-Vox' (a.k.a. the unsettling 'real-lips-on-cartoon-faces' gimmick)
to contend with...

So: Enjoy visiting with Clutch, Spinner, Paddlefoot, and Prof.'s Stargazer and Knockwurst on their gripping lunar adventure!

(click on images to ENLARGE pages in new windows)

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See also:
- More about cartoonist/animator Clark Haas at
The Lambiek Comiclopedia

- Follow links to watch 'The Arctic Bird Giant', a 1959
Clutch Cargo animated adventure at Dailymotion - -
- (Part 1)
- (Part 2)

ADDENDUM, 6/20/08: In a similar 'Synchrovox' vein, here's a link to another 6-page Jack and Jill strip from April 1963. The great Alex Toth gives a similar treatment to the characters he designed for the 'Space Angel' show. (Via Socktopi)

ADDENDUM, 1/30/09: Cartoon Brew has posted scans of a nifty 1960 TV Guide article about the production of Clutch Cargo.
(follow link)

78s fRom HeLL: Garry Moore - Ode To A Cow

Prior to many years as a genial host of game shows, talk shows, and variety shows on TV,
Garry Moore was announcer, sidekick, and straightman to Jimmy Durante on his radio show.

One of his featured bits as 'Durante's Boy' was 'Culture Corner'. Here's one of my favorites from a 1946 Decca album collection of those 'original monologues with music'.

(Please try to disregard what looks suspiciously like old bloodstains on the weathered album cover.)

Listen to: Garry Moore - Ode To A Cow (click for audio)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Testing, testing...

Looks like it's working. Hurray!

Now to figure out how all the parts go together. 'S'okay to learn as I go, right?

Just what the world needs; Another new blog.

- - But oooh, just you wait, we're gonna have SO much fun...

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