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Images from Barbara G. Walker's "Knitting From The Top", 1st edition, 1972

The reference guide "Knitting From The Top" instructs knitters to do just that. Somewhat counter to the traditional Western method, constructing garments starting from the top down can allow you to check the fit and length as you go.
Werner P. Brodde's photographs of these stunning and colorful creations were a part of the first edition published in 1972, but are not included in editions still in print. So feast your eyes!

Barbara G. Walker has been an idol and guru to knitter's worldwide for decades, the first of her many comprehensive collections of knitting patterns appearing in 1968. But that's only part of her impressive list of achievements in a variety of fields.

Born in Philadelphia in 1930, she studied journalism at the University of Pennsylvania and later worked for the Washington Star in
Washington, D.C. It was there in the 1970s that she became interested in feminism, while working with a local hotline that helped battered women and pregnant teens.

After relocating to Morristown, New Jersey, she became a teacher of the Martha Graham dance technique.
The first of her many notable and respected books on feminism, spirituality and myth was published in the
mid-1980s, as was the Barbara Walker Tarot Deck, for which she supplied the illustrations.

Other books by Barbara G. Walker include:

-A Treasury of Knitting Patterns

-A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns

-A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns

-The Book of Sacred Stones: Fact and Fallacy in the Crystal World

-The Secrets of the Tarot: Origins, History, and Symbolism

-Feminist Fairy Tales

-Barbara Walker's Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book

-The Craft of Cable-Stitch Knitting

-The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects

-The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

-The Crone: Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power

-Restoring the Goddess: Equal Rites for Modern Women

Some further information about Barbara G. Walker can be found online at Wikipedia,, and NOW-NJ.

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