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Lazy Ade Monsbourgh - Recorder In Ragtime (1954 - '62)

The recorder makes for a surprisingly apt lead 'voice' in this irrepressibly happy batch of recordings from the mid-'50's through early '60's!

Lazy Ade Monsbourgh (sometimes spelled as 'Monsborough') was an Australian multi-instrumentalist, and a leader of the traditional jazz scene in that country.

Born in 1917, he came up as an alto saxophone player and clarinetist, forming his first band while at college.

He'd first trained as a pianist, but also became proficient at trombone, trumpet and various reed instruments.

His association with danceband leader Graeme Bell began in 1930, and Monsbourgh was part of Bell's influential band through the '40's and '50's, including during several major European tours.

Whether as a sideman or bandleader, and regardless of instrument, 'Lazy Ade' was quite busy during his career and made many recordings before entering semi-retirement in the 1970's.

Recording personnel on this album includes:

Ade Monsbourgh, recorder
Graham Coyle, piano
Frank Gow, piano
Peter Cleaver, banjo
Jack Varney, banjo
Ron Williamson, tuba
Roger Bell, washboard
Jim Beale, washboard
Len Barnard, washboard
Ferdie Rose, accordion
Bill May, bass
Ron Toussaint, violin

- Click here to see album track listing with specific session details and recording dates.

- Click here to read 1984 back cover liner notes by compilation producer Nevill L. Sherburn.

From the Lazy Ade Monsbourgh
'Recorder In Ragtime' LP,
(Swaggie Records Reissue LP, 1984), Listen to:

Swiss Roll
Hessian Rag
Whistling Rufus ('54)
Rainbow Jelly Strut
At A Georgia Camp Meeting
Darktown Strutter's Ball (vocal: Ade Monsbourgh)
Pipes Of Pan
Policeman's Holiday
Hiawatha ('62)
Piping Hot
Hiawatha ('56)
That's Him Whistling Now (vocal: Joan Blake)
Ragtime Dance
Even Stephen
Turkey In The Straw
The Whistler And His Dog
Teddy Bear's Picnic
Whistling Rufus ('62)

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- - OR download all 18 tracks in one 40.3 Mb zipfile.

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- Ade Monsbourgh passed away in July of 2006, at the age of 89.
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