Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lolitas - 'Fusée d'amour' (1989)

Les Lolitas were a Berlin-based band who sang primarily in French.

Their sound was a combination of influences that included American garage rock, rockabilly and French yé-yé, played with a punk sensibility. They formed in the mid-1980s and split around 1993.

Lead singer Françoise Cactus met Brezel Göring soon after, and they founded the fabulous multi-lingual
French-German electronica pop/rock duo, Stereo Total.

'Fusée d'amour' was the third Lolitas LP, recorded in Memphis, Tennessee in August of 1988 and produced by music biz chameleon
Alex Chilton.
Chilton plays just a bit of piano on the album, as does his friend and fellow Memphis legend Jim Dickinson.

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On the album cover, from left to right:
Olga La Basse - bass

Coco Nut - guitar

Françoise Cactus - vocals, drums

Michele Tutti Frutti - guitar, harmonica

- Follow link to view track listing & production credits.

From the Lolitas album
'Fusée d'amour' (New Rose Records, 1989),
Listen to:

La Fille Qui Se Promene Sur Les Rails
Joli Johnny
Les Cactus

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- - OR download the full album (16 tracks) in one 46.5 Mb zipfile.

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- As of this writing, the rest of the Lolitas catalog (and a Coco Nut solo record) are posted at cosmozebra. (This post hopefully improves upon Cosmo's slightly noisy vinyl rip of 'Fusée d'amour' - - unless you're a fan of clicks and pops)


jack the tripper said...

about clicks'n'pops: you know, in those vinyl days if an album had a scratch it was a sinister tragedy for me and now I love real old vinyl rips?
anyway, thanks for this one, been a great stereo fan but never heard of it. just discovering your blog, looks ok!

The In Crowd said...

Hi Jack, thanks for your note.

I know what you mean about surface noise. In the old days it mostly didn't bother me, unless the scratch was serious. I also had a few different turntables, and would usually play the scratchy records on the older and cheaper low-fi players, where they seemed to sound just right. But now, when listening to clean copies of old familiar albums there seems to be something missing...

Hope you enjoy looking around the blog!

Frank said...

oui oui oui, i'm digging Les Lolitas!

jes said...

thanks for the (cleaner) update

Anonymous said...

Well Done !
Allright !
Coco Nut

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