Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's time to raise the Maypole!

Tra-La, It's May! That Lusty Month of May!

May 1st has long signified many and diverse traditional celebrations all over the world.

The day has always put me in mind of Camelot's Julie Andrews, and in recent years Seattle's
Jason Webley
- - but this year I've been pointed in the direction of Brooklyn's
Jonathan Coulton and a brilliant song from his 2003 album,
Space Monkey.

Many thanks to
my dear friend Oon
for turning me on
to "JoCo", this song, and the video below.

This song contains some strong and
charming language that may be NSFW.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Now I know how to sign "fuckin' outside" - how handy.

Welcome back. Now I don't have to delete you from my blogroll.

The Commuter said...

Love the blog!
...would like to invite you and your followers to visit "A Party In Suburbia"...
...please be our guest and enjoy meticulous rips of the very finest in vintage LP's...

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