Friday, March 20, 2020

One Joey Ramone

A friend sent this to me, apparently it appeared on Twitter a couple of days ago.

Social Distancing sucks. 
(That's right! I said it!)

However, I do love the idea of being able to say to someone: 'Hey, I'm gonna need you to put One Joey Ramone between us' - - and having that be a 'thing'.

At least Joey will be spared having to hear us say it.

(PS / ADDENDUM: Another friend just pointed out to me that as it's been 6½ years since my last post on this blog, that "...doin' the Rock-math conversion, it's also been One Joey Ramone in years."
Some long & lanky Kozmik Kismet in action there, maybe! Hmmm, something to ponder...)


Traitor Vic said...

Gabba Gabba Hey!!!

I was thrilled to see a post from "I'm Learning to Share" pop up when I checked into "Your Pal Doug's Pals"!

And such a nice one, as well. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Nice thoughts are important at this weird-ass moment in time. You've inspired me. I think I'll listen to Joey and the boys all weekend now.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Rock to Ramones!!!

Swanditch said...

Wow a seventh year resurrection. I can't even remember why I RSS'ed your blog, but it's full of great stuff!

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