Friday, May 30, 2008

Harvey Korman, 1927 - 2008. So Long, Friend.

Comic actor Harvey Korman has left us, at age 81.

A great straight man and second banana, a flamboyant voice artist from animated cartoons.

Immortal and perfect as Hedley Lamarr in 'Blazing Saddles', and supremely enjoyable to watch during many 'unprofessional' moments of lost composure on TV's
Carol Burnett Show.

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The Carol Burnett Show
and with Tim Conway.

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There was a time when Korman popped up in a variety of places on TV, in starring, co-starring or smaller supporting roles, and was game for comedy that was subtle or way over the top.

One curious career credit was Korman's TV appearance on 1978's Star Wars Holiday Special.

He played a few roles in that baffling trainwreck of essential viewing, but what sticks with me is his surprisingly earnest, pathos-filled turn as 'Krelman' the alien in the cantina sequence, playing opposite Bea Arthur. (See below)

It's a strange moment (granted, among many), and a bizarre place to find Korman showing a side not often seen...


Krista said...

I am so saddened by this.
This was the first I heard that Harvey had passed. Its a shame that all the truly funny, talented people are disappearing so rapidly now.

Anonymous said...

Possibly one of the craziest roles of all time was Hedley Lamarr in quite possibly the best (only if uncut) comedies of all time in "Blazing Saddles"....conversely, I found very little of his work on the Carol Burnett Show to be all that funny, mainly because Tim Conway stole almost all the scenes, and not in not necessarily good ways.....anyway, a legend moves the blog!!!! .Jim

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