Saturday, May 24, 2008

Zorro Five - Reggae Shhh! b/w Reggae Meadowlands (1970)

There's not much data at hand about this group.

However, via some online searches, the consensus about this UK 45 indicates that though reggae purists disparage the simplistic and mercenary 'bandwagon-jumping' executed by this purportedly
all-white British group, that same funky simplicity has filled dance floors and made this single a fairly sought after hunk of plastic.

I like it.
It's got a good beat and I can dance to it.

Listen to:
Zorro Five - Reggae Shhh!
(UK Decca 45, 1970)
(click for audio)

Listen to:
Zorro Five - Reggae Meadowlands
(UK Decca 45, 1970)
(click for audio)


Timmy said...

Oh, yah, mon... white boy like. But I still can't dance...

Anonymous said...

There's some arguing going on around the Net as to the quality of "Reggae Shhh!" ("It's crap" agree the naysayers) and street cred of Zorro Five (zilch, is the consensus). But what everyone seems to have overlooked, from 1970 until today, is that the flipside, "Reggae Meadowlands," is a far superior track! I can take or leave "Shhh," but the grooves on my mp3 of "Meadowlands" are already worn out from repeated plays! How can this masterpiece have been relegated to a B side, and then forgotten for decades -- overlooked and dismissed even by reggae obsessives? In my opinion it ranks up there with many of the all-time great early reggae/rock-steady instrumental classics.

Ah well, no matter -- I'm happy to have it all to myself, a personal #1 smash on my private hit parade.

Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interesting comments. I think i might be able to shed a bit more light on this. I turned up a whole lp of this group yesterday called 'Jump Uptight'. It looked interesting and what a gem it turned out to be. This is a South African release on the Brigadiers label and the recording engineer is a Peter Thwaites who I think is South African. So I'm pretty sure this is a South African outfit. And I don't think they're white guys either. I'll see if I can post picture of the cover

Anonymous said...

fot info, this band "zorro cinqué" is Italian. really unusual for reggae music.
Reggae shhh is already a classic on the funk scene.

Unknown said...

Hi all,
Thanks for this post, this 45 is also one of my faves, don't have it (yet) but I just acquired the RCA 45 of Italian singer Rafaella Carra titled "Reggae RRR", which is basically an alternative version of "Reggae Shhh" with female vocals/scats on top, a killah too if you ask me, works like dynamite on the dancefloor!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, interesting stuff, but as a die hard South African record collector I can vouch 100% that Zorro Five were a South African band from the late 60s early 70s. Having seen the LP referred to above, all the evidence points to an original South African recording, pressing and release of a South African artist. Brigadiers was a South African label that was later taken over in South Africa by EMI and referred to in the late 70s as "EMI-Brigadiers". Reference to a "Brigadiers Recording" on the UK single label is a dead givaway. Sorry guys, there is no way that this is an all-white English group or Italian group, it's South African and the LP must rate as one of the rarest records on the planet!! In 40 years of buying records, I have never come across this LP before. The probability is that there were some black members of the group and this is why there is no photo or info of the group...such things (mixing of race groups etc) were not encouraged in apartheid ruled South Africa in the 1960s!! The type of music also points to non-white band members, reggae was not played by the white bands in South Africa in the 60s. Interesting stuff hey?

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