Sunday, May 11, 2008

Emitt Rhodes (1st self-titled LP, 1970)

On those rare occasions when the topic of discussion turns to singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Emitt Rhodes, among the points often mentioned are how the sound of his old records were reminiscent of
Paul McCartney's music, and that despite his best efforts to steer clear of the usual pitfalls, Rhodes had more than his share of being screwed by the music industry.

Fortunately, the high quality of his often perfect pop music is usually cited as well.

This charming 1970 LP was a DIY effort for Rhodes; He wrote the songs, played the instruments, and recorded it himself in his own small studio.

Rhodes had been part of the group The Merry-Go-Round when they disbanded in 1969, still under contract to A&M Records for another album.

When A&M declined to release the solo album he'd recorded to fulfill the contract, it was then that he bought his own equipment and set to work.

From the self-titled solo debut LP (ABC/Dunhill Records, 1970),
Listen to Emitt Rhodes:

With My Face On The Floor
Somebody Made For Me
She's Such A Beauty
Long Time No See
Fresh As A Daisy
Live Till You Die
Promises I've Made
You Take The Dark Out Of The Night
You Should Be Ashamed
Ever Find Yourself Running
You Must Have

- - OR download all 12 tracks in one 30.5 Mb zipfile.

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Robert said...

It's nice to see Rhodes getting recognition after all these years (and all he went through). "Fresh as a Daisy" is about as good as a pop single gets.

Percy Trout said...

This is really good. I've heard a few of these songs before... but was not aware of who did them. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I had that album and used to play over & over.
Thanks for the link/download.

Jan said...

Loved Emitt's music then and still do. Saw Emitt in April, he is still writing and recording in his studio-just needs a label!

Tim said...

I discovered Emitt some years back, via a MOJO magazine article on 'cult' artists, and was lucky enogh to buy the One Way release of his debut album before they deleted it. It's one of my all=time faves, and I for one would buy a new album of Emitt's in a flash if he made one.

Emitt, if you happen to read this: please, just finish recording that album and sell it privately - don't wait for a label! You've got a customer waiting here :-)

Anonymous said...

How is posting these songs on the internet not stealing? Emitt deserves money for his awesome songs. Don't steal from him, he's been stolen from enough already.

The In Crowd said...

Dear Anonymous - -

Thanks for your comment. I've been surprised I don't receive many like it.

The last time I checked, this album was out of print, meaning that there has been no easy way for most folks to hear any of these Emitt Rhodes tracks - - and that just seems wrong.

By making available some low-quality files recorded from a scratchy old LP, I've hoped to enlighten a few people as to what they've been missing. If enough people get excited by it, maybe this wonderful album will be reissued, perhaps Emitt can make some money from it, and I can finally get myself a clean copy.
At that point there'll be no use for this posting, and it'll be gone.

As with every audio post on this blog (as mentioned in my sidebar disclaimer), it's here to entertain and educate, and is a poor substitute for something that doesn't seem to be otherwise readily available.

I make no profit from it being here, nor am I interested in doing so.

Anyone who feels it should be removed is free to say so, and I will oblige.

Anonymous said...

Howdy! Thanks for posting this album. And I really appreciate the fact that you posted individual songs so that I could listen to the particular song I was especially interested in. I heard a 30 second preview of the song on AMG, and it sounded like a masterpiece. Your posting confirmed that indeed it IS a stunning musical masterpiece. I'm not a huge fan of MerryGoRound or Emmitt's music (I suck, yeah, I know, Emmitt fans), but that song is eternal.
("You Should Be Ashamed" is the song I'm completely knocked out by, if anyone is wondering what I'm raving about.)I think I listened to it 27 times in a row this evening!
Cheers! MadMusicJunkie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this available!

_dyler said...

Wow! Thank you so so much. I loved Lullbye and I was searching for the entire LP. Seriously, thank you so much.

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