Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Promoting Disney's 'The Three Caballeros' in print (1945)

Recently there's been another DVD re-release of Disney's 'The Three Caballeros', along with it's precursor, 'Saludos Amigos'.

Both animated features were crafted as Latin-American travelogues produced to aid in solidifying relations with those countries during World War 2.

The print ad, text piece and review shown here all appeared in the March, 1945 issue of Motion Picture magazine.

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Viewed today, the film gives an interesting glimpse of the Disney studio of a different era.

In addition to its propaganda qualities, the film was their first feature-length release to blend animation with live action, and provides a portrayal of Donald Duck as slightly more randy than we may be accustomed to seeing him.

Several clips can be viewed at YouTube...


JohnnyGerms said...

Harry Knowles dropped a VERY weird and disgusting "fact" about The Three Caballeros a week ago on his site. I haven't been able to confirm the truth to this, but he sounds very certain. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/36562

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these awesome scans! I plan to link this post in a future post on my Three Caballeros-centric blog, Latin Baby (latinbaby.wordpress.com). Great vintage find!

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