Saturday, March 29, 2008

(link:) The Modern-Day Mixtape Refuses To Die!

UPDATE - - Mixwit is no more. Too bad...

What a funny old world, in which some folk have concluded that the old cassette mixtape esthetic is worth preserving.

- - Or is it just 'retro'? Jeez, I'll bet it must be to some.

Anyhoo - - This morning I found the link to the Mixwit site.

(Thanks to Made in England by Gentlemen)

They let you create audio mixes from your own sources or ones they'll point you towards, then you get to design the look of your cassette tape - - either using one of several old-school 'skins' or by providing your own images. Then it's up to you how you'll share it, where you'll post it...

I love the visual touches of the turning 'gear' wheels and the 'tape' advancing to the end of the side in the window as it plays through.

The mixes I've posted here are all full of material that already exists somewhere in the ILTS archives, but who knows? I may examine these things again in the future...

I tried embedding a 'tape' in the footer at the bottom of my blog page, but it seemed just a tad awkward to leave it there. (and perhaps just a little buggy? Hmmm.)

There also seem to be some other tics to work out in how the labeling works and such - -

- - But still, I've played with it a few times today. It's fun, it's free, and play is a good thing! Have at it!


Devil Dick said...

man those are pretty damn cool!

ally. said...

well that's me doing no work today then

Anonymous said...

That is so cool. I'm an avid mixer. I've been going to for years. I love the tape visuals.

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