Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cartoonist Charles Addams profiled in 1976 magazine article

Charles Addams was 20 years old in 1932, when his work first appeared in the pages of
The New Yorker.

His macabre cartoons were still running there on a regular basis when this article appeared in the September 13th, 1976 issue of People Magazine, and did so up until his death in 1988 - - and beyond.

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Consider this article a companion to the previously-posted 'Charles Addams: Master of the Macabre', an earlier magazine 'profile' from 1953 that appeared her almost a year ago.

Follow link to that piece for further background links, photos and more info about the three wives of Charles Addams.

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Several great vintage Addams cartoons are on display over at Hairy Green Eyeball.

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Anonymous said...

I recall an interview from the early '80s, in Smithsonian, I believe, which recounted Addams cranking up that crossbow with the interviewer and taking a practice shot at Addams' kitchen door. The quarrel punched a hole through the sheet metal on one side of the door and blasted the wooden panel on the other side to splinters, much to Addams' amusement.

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