Monday, February 2, 2009

Bunny, 'Queen of the In-Crowd' in 'Watermelon Sellin'' (1967)

I was very pleased recently to find another issue of 'Bunny', as published by Harvey Comics back in the swingin' '60s, full of more hip & zoovy super-fab teenage kicks!

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In this issue's stand-out story, Bunny and her rival Esmeralda encounter the kooky world of advertising...

⬅ Read 'Watermelon Sellin'',
from issue #3 (1967)

(click on links to open pages in a new window)

(page 1)
(page 2)
(page 3)
(page 4)
(page 5)
(page 6)
(page 7)
(bonus epilogue:
'A Groovy TV Limerick')

See accompanying post for an exciting back-up feature from this same issue;
'The first appearance of Fruitman!'


Percy Trout said...

Mr. Sourglook is a elbow fetishist.

Also, the band in the commercial... is that supposed to be the Hermans Hermits?

The In Crowd said...

Hey, Mr. Trout - -

You're close, but the band is The Beagles, the British rock group resident to the world of Bunny comics.

See my previous post for the story 'Bunny and The Beagles in 'Lotus Bogus'.

Unknown said...

I am going out to find some bunny comics loved this when I was a kid and still do.

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