Monday, February 2, 2009

The first appearance of Fruitman! (1967)

As mentioned in the accompanying 'Bunny' comics post, I recently found a copy of issue #3.

In addition to assorted adventures of teen-queen Bunny and
her pals is the first story to feature Percival Pineapple, a.k.a. the heroic Fruitman!

Unlike most super-hero 'origin' stories, the folks at Harvey Comics chose not to tell us 'how our hero came to be', but rather to just jump in and let us enjoy the silliness - - umm, I mean the action.

Enjoy this thrilling introductory story, and for more background and more stories (including
'Fruitman in Israel') click over to a previous post; 'Sooper Hippie, Fruitman, and Bunny's Back Pages'.

Read 'Fruitman' ▶
from 'Bunny' issue #3 (1967)

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Donna Lethal said...

Fruitman has been lobotomized and the pencil is still sticking out of his head, causing him to think he has a secret identify ...

Video Zeta One said...


...and I thought Robin had awful pronouncements of surprise, but holy talking bananas Batman, this one takes the cake!

Percy Trout said...

Wow, what a ridiculous power.

Where's Fruitman's blockbuster summer movie?

Devil Dick said...

that cartoon chickie babe in the fish-nets amd military garb is making my fruit stand!

Anonymous said...

I hardly know where to begin...

Anonymous said...

Possibly the silliest thing ever.
(next to rap)

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