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Horlick's: Why? (1930 print ad)

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Elegant composition in this 1930 magazine advertisement.
Simple but striking.

- - And not the first time that Horlicks had used the memorable
cow-as-billboard motif...

- example one (via)
- example two (via)

Horlicks malted milk powder is still popular in India and a few other parts of the world, but in the U.K. and the U.S. has mostly become a fond memory, a 'comfort food' relic of a bygone era.

In the 1870s, brothers William & James Horlick had emigrated from England and were manufacturing their milk drink as an artificial food for infants, and soon established a large factory in
Racine, Wisconsin.

By the early part of the 20th century, Horlicks (then spelled as Horlick's) was well-established internationally (including an early foothold in India), though in the U.S. it was outsold by its rival, Ovaltine.

Whether touted as a sleep-aid, a 'restorative', or nutrition supplement, Horlicks was used in interesting ways as an advertising sponsor over the years, associating itself at different times with radio programs like 'Lum and Abner' or in films with George Pal's animated Puppetoons or even by sending along crates of their product on a few polar expeditions.

More bits and pieces of Horlicks history (including the name standing in as a milder substitute for the British profanity 'bollocks') can be found via the Horlicks Wikipedia entry...


MaryRuth said...

I remember eating the Horlicks wafers when I was a kid and we used the powder to make malts. I was really surprised to see it for sale at an Asian market I go to. I never knew it was so popular overseas.

Anonymous said...

I had a good friend from Hong Kong who would take the train from Baltimore to D.C.'s Chinatown just to stock up on this stuff. In contrast to the comment above, I had no idea it was ever an American thing.

thombeau said...

With a name like Horlicks, it's got to be good!

Anonymous said...

It's still popular here in England, I have just had some! We also always have some Ovaltine in the cuboard. Bye for now Pete

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