Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stolen Sweaters at large in Europe! (1962 print ads)

Stolen Sweaters you say?!? Alert Interpol!

Oh, no wait - - okay, I get it.

Helen Harper sweaters made of 'Acrilan' acrylic fibers manufactured by Chemstrand (a division of Monsanto), and fashioned to look like authentic regional garb from Ireland, Greece, Austria, Spain, England and Portugal.

This series of advertisements ran in the August, 1962 issue of Seventeen magazine.

As staged as these international location shoots were, it could have been interesting to see the 'outtakes' from these photo sessions...

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thombeau said...

So pretty!

Anonymous said...

That girl has the longest neck I've ever seen!

Gilligan said...

Great pictures. I second the freak of nature neck comment. She's like a Kaminoan in a trendy sweater!

...sorry for the Star Wars reference. I can't help it sometimes.

MrRossy said...

These pictures are truly amazing !!
Great song on cP this week...the groaning does go on abit ho, hee hee


Anonymous said...

Great campaign!

Any idea who the ad agency was?

Let me know if you do - Thanks!

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