Friday, October 19, 2007

It's Madison Time: Ray Bryant Combo, 1960

You've most likely heard this tune before, so I guess this is really just an excuse to display the picture sleeve's dance charts from the old 45.

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Most likely you also remember 'Part 1' of this single used on screen in the line dance scene in 'Hairspray', but follow the link and here it is again.

Despite what Corny Collins said about its Baltimore origins, The Madison was purportedly created in Columbus, Ohio, in 1957.

Follow this link for an article on the dance step's place in Columbus history, as well as some background on different records that capitalized on its success.

(To give Baltimore its proper proper due, follow this link to video clip that shows Baltimore teens dancing to the Al Brown version on The Buddy Deane Show around 1960.)

As for this record, there were several seasoned and significant Jazz players present in the session line-up:

Ray Bryant, piano
Tommy Bryant, bass
Bill English, drums
Harry 'Sweets' Edison, trumpet
Buddy Tate, tenor sax
Urbie Green, trombone

Eddie Morrison was a radio disc jockey in Baltimore when he provided the 'calls' for the record, something along the lines of his duties performed at record hop appearances of the era.

Listen to: Ray Bryant Combo, calls by Eddie Morrison - The Madison Time - Part 1
Listen to: Ray Bryant Combo - The Madison Time - Part 2
Columbia label 45 (1960)

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UPDATE, 7.21.09: Darn it. The audio tracks have been deleted.
To hear the elusive 'Madison Time - Part 2', you might try this link.

See also:
- Ron Mann's 1992 documentary film, 'Twist', a fun and fascinating study of 1960's dance crazes.

- For a bit of background on Eddie Morrison, The Madison, and the genesis of popular 'dance hit' records, follow this link to a very scholarly article, 'How the Madison and the Twist “Crossed Over”', appearing at Wall of Sound.

- Berlin Beatet Bestes has several great posts about several different Madison records by different artists. You should be able to view a list that links to them by clicking here.


Luke said...

In the words of Brad Majors: "Say, any of you guys know how to Madison?"

Craig D said...

I heard a Maynard Ferguson (!) version of a MADISON TIME record on a podcast about a year-and-ahalf ago. It was a track that even my life-long MF-fanatic Father had never heard before.

I tried, unsuccesfully, to explain the concept of the MADISON TIME dance to him...

ally. said...

i wish more records were dance move specific. pulling shapes is just so shoddy.

baikinange said...

WHOO HOO!! Instructions on how to do the Madison. Now all I have to do is glue those footprints on my floor at home, and I'm ready to go!

Anonymous said...

I was in th eigth grade when The Madison became the latest craze opn Buddy Dean. My high school (Baltimore County didn't have Junior High at that time) band director told me Harry Edison, Buddy Tatae and Urbie Green were on that recording. I bought a copy and played the grooves out of it, listening to them - but never DID learn to dance The Madison. :)

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