Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nicolas Bentley illustrations for Lawrence Durrell's 'Stiff Upper Lip', circa 1958

This post is a follow-up to a previously posted 'round-up' roster of artwork by British illustrator-cartoonist Nicolas Bentley.

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"Nicolas Bentley drew the pictures" was a customary credit for Bentley, as was the case here with author Lawrence Durrell's book, 'Stiff Upper Lip'.

First published in 1958, it was Durrell's second collection of 'Antrobus' stories - - Humorous tales inspired by his years with Britain's diplomatic corps.
(See also: Inventions of Spring, "An Introduction to the life and work of Lawrence Durrell".)

This paperback copy is a 1971 reprint of an edition first published by Faber in 1966.
(An image of the cover from an undated hardback edition appears at the bottom of this post)

At right, ▶ cover art from a hard-bound edition.

For more information about Nicolas Bentley, see previous post; 'Nicolas Bentley illustrations web round-up', or click over to the Wikipedia entry.


Preston said...

Let's hear it for the two-to-one martini!!

Ravel said...

His drawings are soooo familiar to me. Yet, I can't remember where I have seen them... Or I may be mistaken with another, Gloyas Williams, whom I see on a Robert Benchley book (Chips Off the Old Benchley).
Anyway, very enjoyable! Thanks.

Uncle Deetou said...

Now that's drawing... thanks for posting!

Miss F said...

I agree with the comment by Ravel
they look sooo similar to the illustrations in a Robert Benchley book I have too
anyway these Bentley art is soooo cute and elegant at the same time. wonderful!

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