Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November brings 'nother new podcast

- - as well as many other new things as change wafts through the air.

New links for a new podcast are perched near to the top of the lovely brown sidebar on this page.

Have a listen, have yourself a happy November, and
please enjoy!

(UPDATE: Like fallen leaves, this particular 'cast dried up and blew away. But you might find it in the Audio Annex.)


Duncanmusic said...

You know, there should be a law about posting podcasts like this that are riveting for some unknown reason and don't come with written excuses to tell my wife and explain why I was up for an hour I could have been sleeping (I work nights) listening to this wonderful crap that is so like what I enjoy but can't seem to interest anyone else in, ya know?
Anyway, thanks, I think. This is quite intoxicating. It figures knowing your blog. I should have expected this would happen. Where are my meds?

The In Crowd said...

"Intoxicating, wonderful crap"

"Riveting for some unknown reason"

- - These are great reviews, and they'd make great blog names, too.

Thanks for your note, Duncan, and apologies to the Mrs.

I barely get any feedback on the podcasts, so it's gratifying. Glad you enjoyed it!

Rachel S said...

I think this is easily the best of your podcasts--- venus in furs theme, followed by that orchestral arrangement of the television song--- wow!

The In Crowd said...

Thanks Rachel, glad you enjoyed it. It's always fun putting them together and seeing what happens...

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