Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Rumblers - It's A Gas b/w Tootnanny (1963)

The Rumblers were a significant (if relatively short-lived) instrumental R&B band with a tough twang that originated in Norwalk, California in the early 1960s.

Coinciding with early popularity of the 'surf' music sound, several of their recordings for the Downey record label were purchased and simultaneously released on the larger Dot label.

(Looks like the titles for 'It's A Gass' and 'Tootenanny' received different spellings from the different labels)

Band lineup on this 45:

Mike Kelishes - guitar
Johnny Kirkland - guitar
Wayne Matteson - bass
Bob Jones and/or Rex Delong - sax
Greg Crowner - drums

Listen to:
The Rumblers - It's A Gas
(Dot Records 45, 1963)
(click for audio)

Listen to:
The Rumblers - Tootnanny
(Dot Records 45, 1963)
(click for audio)

- Thanks to Rumblers discographies from Soulful Kinda Music and Wang Dang Dula for info.

- While their music is currently out of print, as of this writing you can find more Rumblers tracks at Boppeslag.

- You can read a bit more about the Downey record label at
Ace Records and in a nice remembrance written by Downey, California native and Rumblers fan Dave Alvin (of The Blasters) at the Yep Roc Records site.


Phillyradiogeek said...

For some reason, considering the titles of the two tracks, I was expecting two novelty songs about farting. Just my potty humor nature in action, I guess.

Lex10 said...

Me too as in the Mad Magazine version in the background of this award winning piece about farting

Delinquent said...

Great record. Has a strange intensity to it and also very original sound. Thanks for posting this.

Exeter said...

Was just noticing via an Ebay listing that I didn't seem to have "Tootnanny" on my MAC,despite have everything else. Funny it's not on the "Boss" CD. So I found your blog, and thanks a lot! I do have the 45, but digitizing is slow work!

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