Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Marcia Ball - 'Circuit Queen' LP (1978)

Blues singer / pianist Marcia Ball has become something of an institution in Austin, Texas, and down in New Orleans, and at all the music festivals and venues she's played all over creation in the past thirty years or so, rocking audiences like a force of nature.

Born into a musical family, playing piano since childhood, she began playing professionally sometime during her college years in the late 1960s.
She went from playing in Gum, a psychedelic rock band in Louisiana to leading 'Freda and The Firedogs', a progressive country band in
Austin, Texas.

After that band's breakup, she began using her own name in her own band.

Her first solo LP was released in '78, and though a fine effort, it featured a country sound that (like Marcia herself, then ▼) bore little resemblance to the distinctive Gulf Coast R&B sound of the artist she'd become.

- Click here to see the full track listing, songwriter credits and session personnel for this album, featuring a fine array of musicians like Albert Lee,
Rodney Crowell, Buddy Emmons, Carlene Carter,
Janie Fricke, and Nicolette Larson.

From the Marcia Ball LP
'Circuit Queen' (Capitol Records LP, 1978),
Listen to:

Never Been Hurt
I'll Be Doggone
Circuit Queen
Big River
Good Times, Good Music, Good Friends

(click for audio)

- - OR download the full album (10 tracks) in one 68.4 Mb zipfile.

-See also: The Official Marcia Ball Web Site


Wayno said...

We had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Ball at the 2008 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. She delivered a breathtaking rendition of Randy Newman's "Louisiana 1927," which has become a post-Katrina anthem in the Crescent City.

Maduke said...

Thanks for updating your site. I was waiting on that.

Unknown said...

At last! I have all Marcia's stuff on CD and this is the one album that never came out in that format. I'm a great fan of Her Highness and have seen her many times - not easy when your an ocean away. Thanks again, Tim, UK

FM Fats said...

I once brought a copy of this to Marcia for an autograph. She nearly fell off her chair.

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