Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Arresting Holiday Dresses": 1973 fashion meets TV detectives

This spread ran in the December, 1973 issue of McCall's magazine.

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I was all set to take a small exception to Richard Roundtree being included among the other *TV* detectives here, having completely forgotten about the short-lived 'Shaft' television series from '73 (7 episodes!), in which he reprised his role from the big screen.

Likewise in the 'blink-and-you'd-miss-it' category was
Lorne Greene as 'Griff'.
His first TV gig after leaving the Ponderosa lasted just for half of the '73-'74 season.

Perhaps the less said about Buddy Ebsen lurking behind a tree the better...

...and for my money, 'Mannix' is still the man.


K. R. Seward said...

Yeah, Mannix rocks--loved that jazz waltz theme. YouTube has the opening/ending credits--here's a clip:

Didn't catch the Shaft TV show or Griff. Barnaby Jones does seem up to no good.

Thanks for posting.

Thombeau said...

These are awesome! All that's missing is James Franciscus from "Longstreet". And William Conrad from "Cannon"!

The In Crowd said...

Thombeau - -

... Yeah, them and maybe Banacek and Ironside.
And McCloud. And.. and.. Dang there were a lot of detective shows. Toma, anyone?

Devil Dick said...

love the ladies of yesteryear...

Donna Lethal said...

I thought the lurking Lorne Greene was bad until I saw Barnaby in the bush. Just plain wrong. Where's Jack Lord?

ally. said...

genius - where do you dig all these treasures up ?

The In Crowd said...

ally - -

It's been a lifetime of digging up 'treasures'.

This blog is an overdue reaction to the feeling that it's just plain wrong to sit on the piles of stuff and not share.

This particular post (and some others recent) is the result of happening to spot a small sign for an estate sale while navigating through traffic one day last week.

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