Thursday, February 28, 2008

Borden's Pimento Cheese Spread print ad, 1962

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Mmm - mmm - MM!

Now that's some kinda fine 'n' creamy constipatin' goodness!

Sorry - - It just looks sorta foul to me.
Processed cheez with little bits of whatever plucked from some nightmarish fruitcake.
(No, seriously, I'm sure the pineapple-flavored was yummy)

The scary part is that other than the presentation, it's not one bit less foul than some of the packaged 'foodstuffs' you can find today - - and they probably don't give you a handsome drinking glass in the bargain!

Actually, the scariest part is that there have been plenty of times in my life when I could easily go through a 5-ounce 'hostess pretty' jar of muck like this in one quick sitting.

With or without something on which to spread it.

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thombeau said...

Trust me, it IS foul! My parents used to get this just for the glasses. White trash much? Yeah...

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