Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fern Bisel Peat book illustrations from Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'Tanglewood Tales' (1930)

Nathaniel Hawthorne's book 'Tanglewood Tales' presented versions of classic Greek myths re-written for children.

First published in 1853 (three years after 'The Scarlet Letter'), it was a follow-up to his 'Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys'.

These illustrations are from a 1930 edition printed by Saalfield Publishing.

There are several online sites that feature the full text from 'Tanglewood Tales'.

- Follow this link to text from an 1889 version available at The Baldwin Project, that features illustrations by George Wharton Edwards

There's not too much information readily available regarding illustrator Fern Bisel Peat.

Her work appeared in books and magazines, as well as on puzzles and children's toys.

It would appear that her most prolific years were in the 1930's and '40's.

For more examples of Fern Bisel Peat's work, follow links to:
- A brief mention in reference to some 1942 illustrations for 'Children's Playmate' magazine, at a Smithsonian online exhibit.

- 'Susie Cat'; a Peat kitty-cat cut-out from 'Children's Playmate'

- Excerpts from 1930's nature books by Frank North Shankland, with Fern Bisel Peat illustrations, from Seven Pillars Book Nook.


Devil Dick said...

cool indeed.

El said...

I do so love this kind of illustration! We have books of this kind of stuff at home! I wish I could draw such beautiful scenes!

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I just picked up a 1940 copy of A Child's Garden of Verses (Stevenson) illustrated by Fern Bisel Peat. The illustrations just captivated me. It is so true that there is very little information available regarding this artist. The illustrations are similar to Eulalie but have much sharper/defined lines. I'd love to learn more about her. Thanks for your post. LM

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