Thursday, April 24, 2008

78s fRom HeLL: Marie Adams with the Johnny Otis Orchestra - The Shape I'm In b/w My Destination (1954)

Here's a nice little R&B platter that must have been very well-loved by someone that owned it once upon a time - - and it's got the worn-out grooves to prove it!

I think the soul of the performances come through regardless of the beating this record has taken over the years.

In an era of sterile digital sounds, it can't hurt to get an occasional reminder of what analog surface noise sounds like, right?

Umm, right?

Singer Marie Adams (born Ollie Marie Givens) had been recording and touring on the blues circuit for just a couple of years before joining the Johnny Otis band as a featured performer in 1953.

More recording, more acclaim, and much touring with the Otis Show kept Adams busy for the rest of the decade and well into the 1960's beyond.

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Listen to:
Marie Adams, with the Johnny Otis Orchestra -
The Shape I'm In

(Peacock Records 78, 1954)
(click for audio)

Listen to:
Marie Adams, with the Johnny Otis Orchestra -
My Destination

(Peacock Records 78, 1954)
(click for audio

▼ Below: From 1958, Marie Adams & The Three Tons of Joy backed by The Johnny Otis Show, performing 'Goody Goody' in a clip from an episode of Johnny Otis' L.A.-based TV program.

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Bobby Boy said...

Wow! Thanks for posting--I probably heard "My Destination" on the Johnny Otis radio show back around 1957, and have never found a copy on either 45 or 78. I just barely remembered the intro, and it was like tuning in on a time warp to hear your MP3--something that wasn't even Sci-Fi in the 1950s.

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